3 Best Fat Burners

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Since starting this site we have reviewed many good diet pills and some very bad ones. Mostly with the bad ones it's down to the side effects or the price, sometimes they just don't work.

One thing we have noticed is people asking for specific types of slimming tablets. The most asked is which are the best fat burners so we will make a page to that and over the coming weeks do the same for others such as fat binders.

Below are the 3 best fat burners that we have reviewed to date using cost, side effects and most important efficiency.
Best Fat Burner

Capsiplex - This is primarily a fat burner, in fact the best fat burner we have found to date though so many are coming out now that we don't know for how long it will be the best.

As well as that though it is an appetite suppressant. It cam to the front of the media amidst testimonials from quite a few celebrities and fast became known as the Chili diet as it is based on chili extract.

2nd Best Fat Burner

Lipo 6 - This was a hard decision, the only reason it came in second was because of the slight side effects which Capsiplex doesn't have.

It uses the maximum dosage allowable by law which is why some of the side effects such as mild headaches happen but is also the reason it is so good for losing weight.

You will also notice better muscle definition as some of it's ingredients help muscle growth as well as fat burning.

3rd Best Fat Burner

Slim Kick - Earlier we mentioned that newcomers could eventually take the top spot as far as best fat burner is concerned, this is one of those possibilities.

It uses some of the same ingredients as Capsiplex including chili extract as it's main ingredient and seems to work as well as it. As it is a new product though and hasn't had time to filter through as well we had to put this just behind it though we believe this product could be number one in the future.


There you have the 3 best fat burners available in our opinion and there is just 1 point between them in our reviews. We have quite a few more to get through though we have doubts many will compare well with these 3 which we know to work.

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