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There's just no stopping the advance of touchscreen mobile phones, into every area of the mobile world. Let's take a look at how touchscreens help with two key features: camera, on the Samsung Pixon, and music, on the Nokia 5800. But first, take a look at the potted history of touchscreens.

The history of the touchscreen - how they got into mobile phones

Ever since way before the era of mobile phones even began, touchscreen devices have been out there, letting people interact more directly with whatever it was they were interacting with in the first place. Before they appeared on mobile phones, you would see them in museum displays, in tablet PCs and in Star Trek. They really took off with PDAs, though, devices that can be considered as almost the direct ancestor of modern, so-called 'smart' mobile phones. Pocket PCs, in other words, and they flourished there since it allowed the device to be smaller, but have the same high-end functionality. Fast-forward a bit, and we come to the mobile phones that have them, and there's one example everyone knows (especially Americans): the iPhone. Love it or hate it, there can be little doubt that it did give a big kick up the backside to other manufacturers who make mobile phones, making touchscreens appear all over the place.

But what extra benefits do touchscreens impart to mobile phones' features? How, for example, does the Nokia 5800's music player benefit from having a touchscreen?

Nokia 5800 - a touching display of musical love

The Nokia 5800 marks Nokia's first mainstream foray into the world of touchscreen mobile phones. They've made other touch-based mobile phones before, but none has had the mass-market appeal that the Nokia 5800 is showing. Anyone who's seen it, or read about it knows that its big, killer feature is music (well, it would be, being part of the XpressMusic range of mobile phones). And of course, having a touchscreen allows it to exploit touch-based controls in a really cool way, with direct scrolling through tracks, an simple finger swipes giving a more direct feel when accessing songs on the Nokia 5800. I hesitate to call it iPhone-esque, but it is, and basically, the Nokia 5800 gives you a massive amount of freedom when playing tracks.

Samsung Pixon - lights, camera, touch action

The other key feature in most mobile phones these days is the camera, and so, we now turn our attention away from the Nokia 5800 and on to one of its rivals: the beautiful Samsung Pixon. With this particular mobile phone, whilst it does have a music player, and HSDPA internet, and GPS, the big feature is the camera, because, as with only a handful of other mobile phones, the Samsung Pixon has a HUGE 8 megapixel camera. So, snapping quality photos with it is going to be a piece of cake. But how does that camera take advantage of the touchscreen on the Samsung Pixon? Simple, it utilises manual touch focus. Or, in other words, to focus on a particular thing in front of you, you just tap on that thing on the screen. Very few mobile phones have that feature, and the Samsung Pixon is probably the nicest. And it wouldn't be possible without the wonders of the humble touchscreen!

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