Innovations in the Apparel Industry to Keep Up With the Competition

by Dagur Jonsson - Date: 2007-08-02 - Word Count: 514 Share This!

The abolition of global textile quota system from America has made the big players of the industry to restructure their business again to survive in the strong competition of the American apparel market. Last year most of the market took advantage of the free trade era and exploited the resources in best possible manner. New initiatives were taken and new innovations were used to fulfill the demand and to provide the customers, the best value added products at a more accessible price. This year also this trend of reorganizing the business for stiff competition is visible in American apparel industry. The areas in which this industry is concentrating more are better merchandising, better inventory management, consolidating sources and more involvement in sourcing the country. The only target behind all these is reaching the market in a better way and that to with a wide range of products. Same strategies were used last year and brought huge success for big fishes of apparel industry.

Moisture observant fabric is the latest innovation of the apparel industry. These days, fabric capable of moisture management is known as the latest innovation of apparel and textile industry. This fabric is very much in demand by the manufacturing houses because it absorbs all the moisture and sweat and moves it away. This whole action makes skin moisture and irritation free. The whole working of this fabric is far better than cotton or generally used fabric. At the time when body is engaged in harder physical activity, it sweats out more and all this sweat gets trapped in clothes if they are made of cotton or other general fabric. The sweat and moisture generated by it gets locked between body and the cloth resulting in increase of body temperature and even more sweating. This moisture absorbing fabric proves very useful in these conditions. Infact, more than useful as it keeps skin very dry. Moisture travels through a capillary action in the fiber and on the body surface. The space between the fiber of the cloth acts as the tubes and sweat and moisture moves ahead through them. All these spaces between the fibers are much contracted hence, it releases out moisture more rapidly. This process makes this fabric ‘the most reliable' fabric out there. Another quality i.e. fabric's moisture absorbent capacity is also very assistive in the process of moisture management. The higher rate of absorbency results in higher comfort level. This fabric is a product of very advanced technology and its popularity is increasing day by day. It has also proved its usefulness in sportswear and working gears.

Christian clothes are another latest innovation of the apparel industry in America. The Christian apparel industry is providing t-shirts for young, men, toddlers and for women.

Denims have got a huge makeover in America as well. The Americans are more interested in combination of denims and most of American women prefer a slight flare at the bottom and the skin-fit jeans are lacking behind. Fashion of tapered jeans is increasing in popularity. This is because of their tendency to stretch and expand.

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