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by David Ben-Ariel - Date: 2007-08-23 - Word Count: 726 Share This!

According to The Blade, Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner issued a statement criticizing the removal of Rob Ludeman, 4 1/2 months before his term was up, as "pettiness, bitter partisanship, and ongoing political gamesmanship."

That's only the tip of the iceberg, Carty. Why not call a spade a spade? RACE was the determining factor in ousting the white man to appease the black community and curry their vote, as the state Democratic Party knows full well, playing the race card. The Blade reports Councilman Frank Szollosi, who is white, as confessing the election of an "African-American as council president was important to the black community... [citing] the recent departures of former Toledo Public Schools Superintendent Eugene Sanders, former Mayor Jack Ford, and former city Councilman Karyn McConnell Hancock, all African-Americans who were replaced by white males."

How hateful! How racist! Yet this same hypocritical ilk often nod amen to those who preach about being color blind and all for equality, while insuring "affirmative action" and its racist attitude puts blacks into office because they are black, first and foremost.

Clearly, too many blacks and self-hating, defeatist whites have a problem with white people in elected positions of power and see red until they see black replace white. Isn't this highly offensive to the white community? Don't we dare consider the white community? Are white people too afraid to speak up or take a stand because they'll be beaten down with irrelevant charges of "racism" (when those hurling such accusations are often guilty of it)?

There goes the neighborhood. Look at Detroit, Toledo. There goes the country. Look at South Africa or Zimbabwe, America. That's where you're headed fast and now is the only time and possible chance you have to save your city and your country! White flight in Africa isn't just a move to the suburbs for all the right reasons, but now often includes moving to predominantly white countries (that are increasingly having their own racial problems).

Furthermore, failed former Toledo mayor, Jack Ford, is out for a 4-year term on the Toledo Public School board and makes mention of the underperforming schools [equivalent to a D], and said, "I don't think we should duck the fact that when you have the confluence of race and poverty, that is when the kids generally do worse."

I don't think we should continue to ignore the FACT that some shirk their personal responsibilities and remain enslaved to perpetual poverty due to their gross spiritual impoverishment, an oft self-inflicted famine that only grows worse as illegitimate children continue to be born to an irresponsible people who care more about cell phones and tennis shoes and clothes than a stable environment, steady employment and proper parenting that raises a child's sense of worth by attention given by two parents. How old-fashioned. How logical.

The predominantly white schools around Toledo were all rated excellent. Is it simply because they're white and have more money? Or is it because they have concerned parents who are involved in their children's lives and don't expect "the village" or "the hood" or "the State" to raise them? Doesn't success breed success?

Whose fault is it when black teens choose to drop out of school? Are the whites in the suburbs to blame for those blacks who don't mind living in the government projects (a project that flunked) or inner city and then complain about their different standard of living? Reminds me of covetous black criminals stealing farms from productive whites in Africa and then just sitting on the tractor wondering why they don't have the same bumper crops. The animals running the farm...into the ground.

I don't think we should ignore the fact that lifestyle choices have consequences and we reap what we sow. Despite liberal whites and black race hustlers who harm blacks by keeping them dependent on others, let the black community, or courageous individuals as need be, say enough is enough and refuse to be content with their bitter harvest and do something constructive about it (rather than always expect others to bail them out).

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David Ben-Ariel is a Christian-Zionist writer and author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall. Check out the Beyond Babylon blog.

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