Environmental Actions and Services: The Best Gift to Nature

by Wanda Kane Walker - Date: 2010-10-23 - Word Count: 541 Share This!

There is a famous saying that everything in nature is a complicated network of all living and non living things that are interconnected and interlocked with each other. This means that nature is a give and take or has a symbiotic relationship with humans, animals and other life forms that can be found on this land that we call "Earth". The top caretakers of this planet are the humans, then it is implied that it is every man's duty to maintain, preserve, nourish, protect and take care of our environment in order not to disrupt the tranquil homeostasis of nature.

The rule here is that everything counts; everything has a role to do that is why destruction of even the very small creature could mean a threat to the environmental balance negatively. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who has their sense of environmental awareness in creating various actions in order to protect the nature. They are very concerned and are working hard for the protection and preservation of nature's floras and faunas. These civic groups and people join hand in hand in achieving their goals so that they could serve nature with all their best. They have different programs that are specified on to what they are aiming for. Some are focused in stopping illegal logging and conversion of forest lands to residential areas; some are also focused in preventing the further destruction of ozone layer by creating awareness amongst people to prevent air pollution, some are also focused on the protection of the bodies of water, they aim to prevent water pollution and destruction of the coral reefs that endanger the water life forms. These people are actively voicing out their thoughts and views that concern the environmental conditions so much. Some have founded organizations that are found in the different regions of the world.

Their primary thing to do is to see to it that there are no illegal activities done that can possibly cause or bring a threat to nature. This includes cutting of trees, forest transformations to industrial areas, wrong use of chemicals that act as fertilizers in some fruit plantations, destruction of the watersheds and etc. The forest, including the trees, plants and animals are very vital in maintaining an ecosystem that is well balanced. The forest is like a crib, a haven for animals that live in there, once it gets destroyed these animals can lose their home and their source of food. Then, there is a high possibility that the kinds or species of these animals can be endangered or unfortunately become extinct, this problem should be acted upon immediately because these animals also have their role in maintaining the balance of the environment. Lastly, the destruction of our forest can kill all of us because of the climatic changes that is brought to us by global warming.

Not only the tribal people are depending on the forest but we all are. The forest is where we depend on our food, our air, our water and other physiologic needs. Nature is one of the greatest gifts that our God has given us. It is always up to us to take care of the nature, it is one thing that we could not afford to lose.

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