To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Summary - Chapter 4

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Scout's Realization of her Education: To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter Summary - 4

Scout soon realizes that she is a lot smarter than her classmates are and believes she is better educated than her teacher is. She finds the art projects, consists mainly of crayons and construction papers, boring. The boring and slow pace of the school curriculum frustrates her.

The "Poisoned" Gum from the Tree: To Kill a Mockingbird Summary - Chapter 4

Scout always passes by Boo Radley's house on her way back home from school. She also passes by the huge oak tree, located at the corner of the lot. This time she sees chewing gum sticking out one of the tree's knot. She grabs the gum and chews it. She tells her brother about the gum. Jem believes Boo Radley laced the gum with poison, and he panics, and tells her to spit it out immediately.

Indian Head Pennies:To Kill a Mockingbird Plot Summary - Chapter 4

On their last day of school, Jem and Scout walk back home together. They find two pieces of old Indian head pennies at the same knothole Scout found the chewing gum. They decide to keep the treasure.

Dill Comes Home: To Kill a Mockingbird Short Summary - Chapter 4

Dill comes back to town two days later for summer vacation. Their obsession with Boo Radley continues. The first game they agree to play is rolling inside their father's old tire. Jem and Dill nearly lose their breath when Scout rolls the tire in Boo's front steps. This gives Jem an idea for their next game. The game is to reenact Boo Radley's family melodrama. This catches Atticus' attention. He asks the children if the game has something to do with the Radley's clan. Jem denies it has anything to do with the Radleys. Atticus question left the kids wondering if their game is still safe to play.

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