Things to Include in an Email Newsletter

by Jane Sherwin - Date: 2010-10-29 - Word Count: 628 Share This!

Email newsletters, when done right, are short and sweet. You want most of your message to be visible right on the screen, without the reader having to scroll down very far to see everything. But an email newsletter, well designed, can still include a great deal of useful information to interest and engage your reader. Here's what you should be sure to include:

Item #1: Your logo, whether across the top or somewhere near the start. This helps to define your newsletter as part of your organization.

Item #2: If you have any special colors or graphics or designs that are part of your web site, find a way to work them in to your email newsletter. This also reminds readers of who you are and what services you offer, and provides consistency.

Item #3: Give your newsletter a name, even a very simple one. In the same title area, include the date of your newsletter, even if it's just month and year. A tag line is good to include, also-four to five words, perhaps already on your website, that characterize what you do.

Item #4: The title area is often a good spot for a link to your website. For example, your title area could read: "The Perennial Border-brought to you by Russell Nursery" with the link inserted at Russell Nursery.

Item #5: Most email newsletter templates include a table of contents section. Once your newsletter is complete, use this section to show readers what's available in your news. (If your newsletter is short, just delete the table of contents.)

Item #: For people who aren't subscribed, but like what they see, include a "subscribe here" button with a word or two about how often your newsletter is issued. (Be sure this is also on your website.)

Item #7: Also include a forward button, for readers who like a particular issue and would like to share it.

Item #8: In the same way, include links to Facebook and Twitter, for sharing your email newsletter.

Item #9: A contact button is important, for people who want to be able to connect with you after reading your email newsletter, along with an about button that links to your "about me" page at your website.

Item #10: If you have testimonials (and if you don't, it's a good idea to start collecting them), include one on your email newsletter, run it for two or three months, and then insert a new one.

Item #11: Include an offer, even if it's just a simple one like "Chrysanthemums, 50% off through October 31." This reminds your reader of what you have to offer and encourages action.

Item #12: Include one short article, no more than 200 words or so, with information of interest to your reader. Suppose, for example, that you are a local farmer's market. Your content might include:

* A short opening sentence or two about the season, the weather, and the wonders of your market.

* An article about a new vendor: what they sell, some background on who they are, and how often they will be at the market.

* A side piece with a recipe for the fruits or vegetables that are currently in large supply.

* A complete list of vendors and volunteers for the week

Item #13: If you have other information, for example a volunteer profile, provide a link to it at your website. In this way you let your reader know the information is available, without crowding your email newsletter.

Item #14: As always, include plenty of graphics and white space, to make your email newsletter easy on the reader's eye.

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