How To Look Younger When You Are Getting Older

by James Betz - Date: 2010-09-09 - Word Count: 485 Share This!

As well as the natural affects of aging, skin is constantly exposed to weather damage, pollution and germs, causing wrinkles and lines to appear over time. Whether approaching retirement age or in your thirties, keeping skin looking young and healthy is a result many of us strive for. With thousands of anti-aging products on the market it is hard to know what to use in order to postpone the inevitable process. As well as the wealth of creams, potions and treatments available there are also some simple changes to your daily routine that can help in the anti-aging process.

Keep skin hydrated

Dry skin is often the cause of wrinkles, lacking elasticity and firmness dry skin encourages the appearance of lines. Keeping skin hydrated is an essential part of the daily routine, research has suggested that all adults should drink up to two litres of water a day to keep skin moisturised and healthy. Drinking lots of water helps flush out unwanted toxins and poisons from the body, which has positive effects on the appearance of skin.

Moisturising also keeps skin moist and firm and helps to slow down the aging process, by introducing a complete cleansing and moisturising process into your daily routine skin will remain hydrated and wrinkle free for longer. Cleanser helps to clean away grime and dust ready for a high quality moisturiser to be applied, locking in moisture to dry and aging skin.

Enjoy an active life

Keeping active is also integral to looking younger for longer. The release of endorphins that exercise creates help to keep your mind, body and skin healthy and glowing. It also increases circulation to keep skin supple and young looking. Retirement is a prime time for being as active as possible and keeping skin younger looking, whether taking up a new hobby, going for walks or joining the gym, any type of activity which gets your heart rate going will work wonders for your skin.

Just as important is your bodies need for sleep, eight hours of sleep a day is recommended to give your body and skin time to relax and repair, leaving you feeling healthier and younger on the inside and in appearance.

Go natural

Skincare products should also be central to your daily routine and picking the right product for your skin is equally as important. There are many anti-wrinkle treatments out there which are not regulated and offer little beneficial effects. Choose recognised and experienced anti-aging products and supplements that have been tested and proved to work.

Natural skincare products provide a good source of vitamins and minerals that are effective in providing skin with essential oils and supplements, made from 100% natural and organic ingredients they work in tune with your body. The range of Resveratrol based products are ideal for anti-aging, made from a super enzyme which encourages the destruction of unhealthy skin cells and the re-growth of new tissue, the affects on aging skin are outstanding.

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