Free Backgammon Makes it Easy to Practice

by Gene Marshall - Date: 2007-05-28 - Word Count: 522 Share This!

The backgammon board game would rank high on the list of the world's most ancient pastimes. From its Middle-Eastern origins some five thousand years ago, the game spread across the Roman Empire and in subsequent centuries it made its way across the world. When the average person walks past a sidewalk café, or goes into a games shop, the backgammon game is instantaneously recognizable. Even people who have not yet learned how to play backgammon know that a board divided into twenty-four narrow triangular, alternately colored divisions, and its accompanying checkers, dice and dice shaker are all constituent elements in the backgammon setup. Backgammon sets have been a popular present for children on birthdays and festive occasions for many years, and even though not all of these children continue to become dedicated backgammon players, the backgammon set up is remembered by them.

For the many young recipients of backgammon gifts who go on to become keen players, the learning process usually starts with game played against school friends. As their interest develops further they may decide to join a backgammon club at school. Some players go further and start buying or borrowing books that provide valuable tips on how to improve their playing skills. Depending on how addicted they become to the game, and how well they acquire a successful backgammon strategy, they may go on to become successful competitors in backgammon tournaments. This has been the pattern followed for a good number of years and still evident today in many places. However, in the last decade or so the development of backgammon software has brought about a dramatic revolution in the backgammon world. Free background has opened up new horizons to both experienced players and novices.

The introduction of the backgammon download has resulted in a tremendous expansion of the opportunities to play backgammon. If someone new to the game wants to learn how to play but does not know where they can find a book to explain the game, the backgammon Internet site provides clear and detailed backgammon instructions to help the new player get started. If they cannot find a friend or neighbor interested in playing with them, they can start playing and learning the game by competing against a backgammon computer. Once their skills improve and they feel that they have mastered various backgammon strategies they can start competing against other players from all over the world on the Internet. In a short time these beginner players find that they can make many new friends with common interests and also the quality of their play continues to improve. As their play becomes more confident they might well be tempted to play for stakes and find that backgammon gambling makes the game more exciting and rewarding. Players also come to appreciate the opportunities online backgammon provides to play the game at a time that suits them and from a location that is convenient. They are no more tied to playing according to when it suits their friends, or when they have a chance to go to a club but they can find a game in accordance with their own schedule.

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