Modifying Your Audi

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There are many ways to modify an Audi S4. Now depending on your own individual preferences, you may wish to acquire an original car or a car that has been modified. If you elect to go for the latter, depending on which country or state you live in, it may be mandatory to pay extra insurance premiums depending on the modifications rendered. These cars usually tend to have issues that the main broker may be unable or unwilling to help you with, and you'll want to note that Audi have lately revised their policies with regard to warrantable work on modified cars in the USA and the UK with other countries following suit, meaning that in the event of a problem, you'll foot the bill.

The most popular modification to an S4 is "chip tuning" also known as "chipping" or "engine remapping". Such modifications allow the BHP and torque of the car to be amplified radically. Prolonged use or continued hard driving of a modified car can result in costly component failure. The most common failures being leaking intercooler pipes which give way due to the increased stress carried by them and failed turbos (usually the oil seals) requiring the engine to be removed for replacement - a very costly procedure. The smooth lines of the S4 Early cars pre "1999.5" as they are called use an early version of the K03 turbo charger and were fitted with less flexible intercooler hoses. Audi did put a recall out for these vehicles to have the hoses replaced under warranty, but not all dealerships seem to do this voluntarily - you will need to ask them to perform the work if it's not already been done when you take the car in for service. 2000 model year cars seem to fare a lot better on the modification front. The hoses used are stronger and the K03 turbos are evidently of a revised design.

Other popular modifications include lowering the ride- height of the car to gain additional stability during cornering, short shifters, to lessen the throw of the gear lever and to give a more "solid" feel during changes, alloy wheel upgrades and various spoiler and grille options. With any sort of lowering, it's a good idea to have geometric check done on the car to check camber and alignment, which can prove invaluable in the long run. The more radical of these cars can sport up to 470BHP using parts from the later Audi RS4 and after some costly tuning work.

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