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Applying for a Federal Firearms License (FFL) is surrounded by a lot of confusion. Many of us who are looking to obtain an FFL for ourselves, and live a true gun-owner's dream of getting to order firearms with ease and without hassles, usually have questions about how to get such a license for own. Unfortunately, there's a lot of useless and outdated information floating around the Internet (and elsewhere) on FFL Application. If you are unlucky enough to get stuck with them, you may kiss your chances of getting an FFL application approved goodbye.

Fortunately, there are also some excellent (and effective) tips to be found on the Internet to help you file an application for FFL and also get it approved quickly. In fact, as experts in this field would confirm, there are some secrets that one should be aware of while applying for a Federal Firearms License. Here's one. Did you know that you can never get your application approved by the ATF if you declare that you wish to obtain the license for the purpose of filling up your gun vault up with new guns for your personal usage? You need to have a plan to sell to your friends, online via firearms auction websites or just do transfers for extra money on the side.

Another aspect of the FFL application is the fact that during filing it, ATF would ask you about your business hours of operation. You need to have a strategy so you don't have to worry about a surprise ATF inspection, or missing out on it and consequently not getting approved.

If you plan to use your FFL for a business, you will need a home based business permit. It is strongly recommended to get it before you get your FFL because the ATF requires the approved applicant to have it within 30 days of receiving the FFL.

Other important things to remember include being aware of Federal Laws regarding the sale of handguns too close to schools. Be sure to study local and state laws on your own because ATF guidelines will only focus on Federal Laws.

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