Video playback and smart cell phone Nokia E90 Communicator

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The Nokia E90 Communicator has dedicated 3D hardware acceleration which is an interesting inclusion for a business oriented phone. Likely it will be well-suited to run 2nd generation N Gage platform games when they arrive. Video playback is quite good, with the phone handling 500kbps MPEG4 files with minimal frame dropping. The Nokia E90 Communicator has 256 Megs of NAND flash memory, with approximately 128 Megs available for your use. The smart phone Nokia E90 Communicator is a quad band GSM world phone that supports all GSM bands: 850/900/1800/1900MHz and it's sold unlocked for use with any GSM carrier by Dynamism and other importers.

The Bluetooth cell phone Nokia E90 Communicator has Messaging application supports POP3 and IMAP email as well as SMS and MMS messages. If you leave the Messaging application running, it will automatically check for new mail. It renders HTML emails quite well for POP3 and IMAP accounts. Fun and games include Nokia's Gallery application for viewing photos. The fashionable mobile phone Nokia E90 Communicator's a music player with play lists and EQ, Real Player that handles MP4, MPEG4, 3GP, RA, AAC and RV files. There's also an FM radio that uses the wired headset as its antenna and Flash Light. Music quality through the included stereo headset is very good, as it is through Bluetooth stereo headphones.

The unlocked cell phone Nokia E90 Communicator main display measures 5" diagonally and has an impressive 800 x 352 resolution which bests most other PDA and smart phones on the market (only the Toshiba Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PC phone is a bit higher at 800 x 480). Nokia E90 Communicator is not a touch screen, and as a result it's very viewable outdoors-- much more so than Windows Mobile devices with touch screens. The smart cell phone Nokia E90 Communicator has 16 million color inner display is very bright, sharp and clear-- lovely. The QVGA outer display also is capable of displaying 16 million colors and while not as amazing as the main display, it looks quite good.

The smart cell phone Nokia E90 Communicator's 3.2 megapixel cameras is impressive, both for still photos and video. The camera can take still images up to 2048 x 1536 resolutions and it has digital zoom. A variety of image settings allow you to tweak photos including color effects, white balance and light sensitivity. The E90 has Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR with pretty much every profile supported. The highly impressive cell phone Nokia E90 Communicator's hands free, headset, remote SIM (for car kits), HID (Nokia includes their Bluetooth keyboard driver), serial port, A2DP stereo, DUN and file transfer. The E90 has surprisingly good battery life for a smartphone with a large display (make that 2 displays), GPS and triple wireless radios.

The attractive cell phone Nokia E90 Communicator phone has 1500 mAh Nokia BP-4L easily lasted us 3 days on a charge without serious multimedia use (just watching a few 5 minute short films and listening to MP3s for an hour a day). The smart cell phone Nokia E90 Communicator mobile phone web browser is best in its class and the mail application is decent. Black Berry users will appreciate Black Berry Connect and the phone's overall stability is excellent. For the first time, we get good multimedia and an excellent camera in a Communicator, which means down times won't be dull. Please purchase online

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