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Search engine optimization is a popular process known to enhance a website's ranking in the search results. However, contrary to popular belief, the process does not come after the website design and development process. Rather, a website needs to be developed with proper SEO considerations. In order to understand this, first you'll have to understand how the website design impact the process of SEO.

Here are certain design aspects that have an impact on the SEO.

Website Content

Content is the undisputed king! Therefore, make sure your website design has lots of room for content i.e. quality and relevant information. In fact, the presentation of content is as important as its quality. Unless you have well laid out content, web users will never care to read it even if it contains potent information. The design and layout of the website should be such that it represents the content in the best possible manner.

Also, check out the content of your competitors' websites. Are they offering something that you are not? Is their content better looking then yours? If any one these is in affirmative, then its about time you consider getting your content updated.

Images and Graphics

Images and graphic elements add to the aesthetics of the website. But then you have to be extremely crucial while using them on your website. This is because even though they may serve to attract visitors, they add on to the load of the website. Moreover, it gets quite difficult to optimize them for search engines because search engine crawlers have a difficult time indexing the textual contents within the graphics and images. Always create an HTML side of your website that will help with the search engine rankings.


One of the most common problems with websites that contain large databases is that certain pages do not get indexed. These are known as dynamic pages and their URLs typically consists of a long string of characters and numbers. Since these pages are generated automatically by their databases, search engines have a difficult time keeping them relevant and up to date. However, you can include a sitemap on your website that includes all the strategic pages in order to inform the search engine crawlers that you have permanent content there. You could also strengthen the internal linking of your web pages in order to make a strong website structure.


HTML should be used with utmost caution. There are several word processors that allow you to create HTML documents and upload them onto a website through FTP. However, all that is visible to the search engines are strings on non-relevant fonts. Therefore coding should be done very carefully. Good coding gets you better rankings in search engine results.

Domain Names

Your customers and audiences should be you prime priority. And it should be the same while choosing your domain name. Select a name that reflects your company name or your business or the type of products and services that you offer. Search engines place increased importance on the domain names and if you place your strategic keywords within them, you'll have considerable benefits.

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