Christian, Gasoline Resembles Sin

by PATRICK ROBERTS - Date: 2007-12-10 - Word Count: 863 Share This!

Petroleum exists because of death and decay. Death and decay exist because of sin.

Continuing to burn gas destroys life. Sin also continues to destroy life.

In the same way that sin drags down and discourages a person's will to improve so also gas represents an unwillingness to improve. There are better alternatives to gas (such as electricity) that have existed for a long time. Yet we continue to use this archaic technology. Gas pushes a car along by burning and exploding... is this the best energy we can come up with?

Humanity's craving for sin is not logical because the fruits of sin are misery and death. For similar reasons it is illogical for us to continue using gasoline. There are better ways to get around and everybody knows it. But the greed, selfishness and corruption of a few powerful men forces everyone to continue using it.

In the same way that corruption and selfishness proves the existence of sin, so also the continued existence of gasoline in our daily lives proves the existence of corruption in our society. We use gas because a few greedy CEOs have disproportionate control over the energy industry. They stay in power by playing on the selfishness and corruption of lawmakers.

Much like sin, gasoline seems useful on the short term, but it will destroy us eventually. Gas is similar to sin in that it takes its time destroying us. Therefore, our reaction to this gradual destruction is similar to our reaction to sin: We put off thinking about it until we are on our deathbeds.

Like sin, gasoline is clear and clean at first glance, but its fruit is suffocating poison. Gas gets us where we need to go for now, but we're poisoning the air we breath in the mean time.

In the same way that sin is enslaving to our whole lives, so also the gasoline industry has enslaved our economy. If you like having free will, then don't sin. Sin destroys not only the will to do good, it destroys the will to do anything at all. In the same way, if you like having a free economy where everyone has the same shot at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then don't use gas. A handful of gas tycoons decided to raise the prices by three hundred percent over the last few years and there is nothing the general public can do about. There's certainly nothing the government is doing about it. Average people don't have time to invent cars for themselves, so they're left with no choice but to pay what the gas kingpins dictate.

In the same way that sin is unjust, so also the continued existence of gasoline is unjust. Elected officials are supposed to represent their constituents' best interests. Yet these same officials let their people fall victim to the greed and corruption of gas tycoons. The people in power were put there to enforce justice, yet they embrace injustice because it earns them a few extra bucks.

In the same way that sin is self-destructive, so also gas tycoons are only destroying themselves with their greed. They raise the price of gas three times over and suppose they are getting rich. But they are making everyone poor. As the price of gas increases the price of everything else will increase. Suddenly it takes ten dollars to buy what used to cost one dollar. Average working people, the people who make this country work, will become discouraged and therefore less productive and less creative. In this way gas tycoons as well as their political bedfellows are destroying the same infrastructure they would like lord over. They want to accumulate millions and billions however, by their actions, they are making their millions and billions worthless. They are starving the hands that feed them.

By the fruits of corruption we can tell what is corrupt. By the fruit of the gas industry we can tell that the men running this industry are corrupt.

So insidious is the effect of petroleum on our government that our armies now make war and oppress entire countries because of it. What other industry has such as far-reaching, oppressive effect on the world?

Sin inspires self-destructive insanity. So also the petroleum industry is infecting the world with a similar kind of insanity. It makes no sense that we would go so far to impose our gospel of democracy on the Middle East. Since when do we drop bombs and missiles on countries to make them democratic? The answer to the question, "Why is the U.S. military in the Middle East?" does not make either moral or economic sense. In the same way that corruption and greed are all bad, in the same way that sin is all bad, so also our war with the oil-rich countries of the Middle East is all bad.

It is tragic that the greed of a few men is having such a far-reaching effect on the world. But again, this is how sin works. A sin-infected person will sacrifice the whole world for one more selfish indulgence.

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