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It can be quite tough to find good stock market software there are just so many options out there to choose from. One of the big problems is that most of them are terrible and don't do what they are supposed to! You might have gotten a sales pitch emailed to you. If you haven't then check your spam folder I'll bet there's at least one in there! There's constantly people trying to sell me things because I've signed up for a lot of newsletters on stock market websites. It seems like everyone is trying to push a product my way. No matter how good the sales pitch is remember one thing. If someone had some magical software or formula for making millions on the stock market would they really be trying to sell it to you for $50?

Believe it or not but the best stock market software is actually free. You can go sign up for it right now and be using it in a couple of minutes. Don't believe me? It's been right under your nose the whole time. Google Finance covers everything you need from a stock market tool and then some. It's worth signing up just to get a Gmail account and have access to Google News.

The best feature for me in Google Finance is the stock screener. I frequently use it to search for new investments based on criteria that I enter as filters. Google Finance then searches through the companies in the index I identify and then returns the stocks matching my criteria. It speeds things up so much compared to pouring over companies annual reports. I'm not saying it has completely replaced this but I don't spend any where near the same amount of time doing it as I used to. The other feature I love is the portfolio manager. At the click of a mouse I can see my whole portfolio on one screen. I can see how each stock is performing and get a good indication of what I should keep and what I should dump the next time I'm chatting to my broker. I can't believe that so many features like this are free!

In conclusion, delete those emails from the gurus offering you riches and over night success. Sign up for Google Finance and you'll find that it is simply the best software out there for investors. I only wish I had a tool like this when I first started out investing all those years ago. Don't forget, the best part about all of this is that it's free.

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