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When there is a plan for backpack hiking, camping out and a taste of the world away from the city, an inevitable part of your inventory, has to be an easy to carry, lightweight backpacking tent that can be easily set up and eventually packed. There was of course a time, up to the 1950s when you would not have found a tent aptly suited for the weather conditions you would face during your hiking trip, and nor would you have much variety and options in designs or size. Quality would have been of a standard prototype. You may have been a better off hiker in the 1960s when urethane rubber coating treated nylon came into the picture and added to the sturdiness and quality of backpacking tents. The 1970s saw the development of the famous geodesic design that is used extensively even today. But if you're a hiker of the present day, you have a line of options available, suiting your requirements of comfort and shelter from the vagaries of weather conditions, with almost absolute precision.

The first thing to keep in mind whilst making your purchase is the kind of climatic conditions that you would be faced with. This would in turn depend on whether you are a summer hiker, a two season, a three season or an all season backpacker. For summers, an A frame, nylon, waterproof, moderate tent would just work fine. You may also use a plastic tube tent or a bevy bag. However, in case of three-season hiking, you ought to be more careful about your pick. You would need a stronger backpacking tent that doesn't give away easily. A four season backpacking tent must be preferably made of nylon, weighing about 8 to 15 pounds.

Tents catering to your camping needs are often provided with cook vents and extendable frames. A moderate backpacking tent would generally cost you around $150 to $350. But there are of course, more expensive options available with prices up to $900 or maybe even more.

A backpacking tent can make your camping trip enjoyable and a small investment can bring you several years of enjoyment in the outdoors.

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