Asleep Too Long, Wake Up

by Veronique Belmar - Date: 2007-06-02 - Word Count: 1061 Share This!

Back Off

Why are you sleeping? Can't you hear the rolling thunder blasting the sky? Wake up, I tell you, wake up. See, the billows and the sky rolls, the winds furious, mountains and hills move from their base, and you are still asleep. Your enemies laugh because they see your fall. Continue sleeping and they will have the last laugh. Leave me alone, I'm just tired of your foolish talk, just back off Paul, Okay, Mary.

Time to Wake from Sleep

The idea of scaring me about world events is just not acceptable, Paul; so what if the sea and winds are angry and the thunder rolls. Why are you finding these things so odd, Paul? I don't understanding why you are so concerned about world events because for many centuries nature has taken its course. That is true, Mary, but not in such quick succession as we see today and that is the difference. If you do not wake (not observing what is happening or taking place in our world today) up now, you will not escape the terror that awaits sleepers (not reading the sings of the times, too busy doing your own thing). What on earth are you talking about, Paul? I'm talking about the mark of the beast and the mark of God, Mary.

Mark of Beast and Mark of God

What about the mark of the beast and the mark of God, Paul? Well, Mary, all peoples who refuse to believe in God, read his word and live by it, will have the mark of the beast in their forehead; but those who love and obey God will have his mark in their forehead. However, the unbelieving will not discern or recognise Bible Prophecy fulfilling right before their eyes and will not be able to stand against injustice. Instead, they will agree with those who will take away liberty from the earth and persecute those who will stand for God and his truth. What are your thoughts now, Mary? Well, Peter, what you have discussed with me so far is thought provoking. Also Mary, remember that the signs of the times tell us all that the eminent return of Jesus Christ is near.

Returns as a Thief in the Night

Mary, you need to understand that those who reject God and his word will feel that they are doing God service by trying to eliminate all those who do not agree with their wrong doing. Come on, Paul, you are living in a world of fantasy; no, Mary, I'm not living in a fantasy world because what I have discussed with you may seem to be fiction but believe me it is reality and all based on the word of God. Jesus will come as a thief in the night to all those who have rejected God and his word. But to those who believe and do his will, Jesus' second coming will not be a surprise but a joy to his people because they had been expecting him.

It is Done

One day Mary, you will want to listen but it may be too late because once the mark is set on each person it cannot be reversed. So today and not tomorrow you need to give your heart to Jesus because tomorrow may be too late. You sure make things sound scary, Paul, no, not I, Mary, but the word of God tell us that sin and evil will be destroyed some day; and according to Bible Prophecy (seen in the world events) this time is near. It may be that we are the last generation who will see freedom taken away from the earth, see the mark of the beast placed on the unbeliever, and the mark of God on the saints. You see, Mary, God has given all a choice; either receive his mark or the mark of the beast. Will you choose for him today, Mary?

However, soon after the marking takes place, the trumpets will sound, the graves of those who died in the Lord will be opened and will rise to meet the Lord in the air. Also, the living saints who are alive will meet the Lord in the air (they are those who never tasting death or went to their graves). Nevertheless, the unbelieving who died without the hope of the resurrection (first resurrection at the second coming of Christ) shall remain in their graves, waiting the second resurrection which will take place after the saints reign with Christ for one thousand years in heaven. Those who were alive (those who rejected God and his word) when Jesus returned and was slain by the brightness of his coming will also be waiting to awake from their graves at the second resurrection (after one thousand years). Mary, you need to understand that Jesus will shine brighter than the sun when he returns the second time, hence, the reason the saints will have a new body, a body that will be able to withstand the mighty power and glory of God. Unfortunately, those who rejected God will not have a new body and will not be able to stand before his presence and live.

Whom Will You Choose?

Well, Peter, I would like to know more about giving my heart to Jesus. Will you tell me more about him? Sure, Mary, but right now I have to go but one more thing, you need to remember that God loves us so much that he gave his only son (Jesus) that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but rather have eternal life. Jesus loved us so much that he was willing to give up his life and so he did. His death was awful because before his crucifixion soldiers spat in his face, pulled out his beard and was beaten so badly by them that with every lash given came out blood and muscle (flesh). The belt or rod used on Jesus included spikes, spikes which tore his flesh apart. His suffering was so intense that no tongue, language, actor or actress could ever portray his intense agony and torture. He suffered and endured such cruelty so that we could have hope of living with him forever. Living, with our Lord and Creator means living free from: pain, diseases, distress, disappointments, loneliness, rejection, hunger, cruelty, wickedness, evil, and death. Must go now, Mary, speak to you later and God Bless.

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