How to Get Rid of Head Lice, Remove Head Lice

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Head lice are tiny bugs that live in the hair of humans. It is common for children to get them at school. You can catch these lice by being in close contact with someone who is infected. That is why it can be so prevalent in grade school because children play close together, share hats, combs and other items that can spread the things.

In fact, head lice actually prefer cleaner hair. As far as anything else that you could have done or not done, education is the key. At some point your child's hair came into contact with another child's hair who was infested or something that had recent contact with their hair.

To get rid of head lice can be a daunting task, but popular home products have proven to be effective. They include chlorine treatment cycle, lysol, dye, Vinegar, alcohol, Vaseline, special combs and over the counter medication. If you need to treat the problem naturally you can do so with alternative cures including tea tree cure, olive oil, natural aloe soaps and shampoos.

The most common way on how to get rid of lice is, without a doubt, the use of specially-formulated anti-lice shampoos. There are a multitude of these types of shampoos being sold in the market today. They can be purchased off the counter, with no need for prescriptions. But, since hair sensitivity is of varying degrees with each person involved, the instructions for each name of anti-lice shampoo should be cautiously followed.

One of the most popular home remedies for head louse is plain white vinegar, just pour a little onto the head and work through until all the hair is thoroughly saturated, allow it to soak for a few minutes and then rinse and comb using a head lice comb. Also olive oil can be used as well as mayonnaise, all of which work very effectively in most cases.

Have the infected person remove all clothing from the waist up before you apply head lice treatment. Follow application instructions carefully. One application is usually enough but if you have long hair you may need two. Leave the medicine on your hair for the required length of time. You then rinse completely and pick out any nits. Follow all directions on the bottle. Put on clean clothes when you are finished.

Head lice combs are special combs designed with the teeth spaced apart far enough to allow hair to pass through, but not the lice and eggs. The plastic varieties are not reliable for getting rid of all the lice eggs. That is why I suggest only buying the metal-toothed type. The easiest way to comb when you have head lice is when the hair is moist and soft. This makes after shampooing an ideal time to comb. The lice comb seems to be the safest and most effect option out of all the choices

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