Apartment Loans - Small Through Large not a Problem

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A2zBigLoans.com offers a nationwide private banking advisory approach to managing your apartment financing. We provide several direct, highly competitive commercial real estate loan products for qualified properties with commercial mortgages up to $10 billion plus.

Large Apartment Loans

Financing for apartments $8 million to $10 billion. The large loan program is designed to finance loan amounts in excess of $100 million and is often structured with flexible terms to help the borrower meet their objectives.

Mid Size Loans

Financing for apartments worth $3 million to $8 million. The mid size loan program has been developed to serve the needs of your important multi-unit commercial assets A2zBigLoans.com offers apartment financing programs that serve the needs of investors with excellent delivery time and substantial cost savings.

Small Balance Loans

Smaller apartment financing and commercial loans for multi-family from $100,000 to $3 million are directly available from our preferred capital partners. Our small balance loans offer many lending advantages including less paperwork and faster closings than ever before.

" A2zBigLoans.com has become an integral part of our financial strategy. We have been actively dissolving numerous partnerships and consolidating our holdings into new acquisitions. A2zBigLoans.com has been there every step of the way. They recently negotiated the acquisition of a significant multi-family property located in Los Angeles, CA, and continue to advise us on our financing strategies. Inevitably, in each deal, issues arise. Their preemptive approach to problem solving has proven to be extremely effective in getting deals done."

- J. Flanagan

Terms of a commercial mortgage

The majority of Commercial Mortgages in the United States, while requiring the borrower to simply make a monthly payment small enough to pay off the loan over a 20 to 30 year time frame, require a balloon payment (a total payoff) after a lesser time frame. The borrower most likely will attempt at that time to refinance the loan. Thus there are two elements generally to the term of a commercial mortgage loan: the length of time allowed until balloon payment (known simply as the term), and the amortization. The length of the loan can vary from 5 to 30 years. If a loan had a 30 year amortization schedule, but a 10 year term it would commonly be referred to as a 10/30. Since residential mortgages do not require this early prepayment, a 30 year residential mortgage could be referred to as a 30/30.

Lenders' criteria

Most banks and building societies offer commercial mortgages, but you must satisfy the lenders' criteria. The primary criterion is the debt service coverage ratio or the ratio of cash available to the required loan payments. Some lenders may accept applications where there is an adverse credit history, but most require a positive personal credit rating and clear evidence that your business is creditworthy. Most will apply a loan-to-value ratio and will expect you to invest a proportion of your own money into the purchase.

The lender's decision will also depend on your current business circumstances - a commercial lender will expect your business to be stable and profitable. They may ask to see your business plan and long-term financial projections, to assure themselves that your business has, and will continue to have, the ability to make repayments on the loan. Some lenders impose restrictions on the uses of commercial premises and certain business concerns may be excluded altogether. The terms of a commercial mortgage will depend largely on the type of business you're running and the type of premises or land you want to buy. This is a complex area and it's essential that you seek specialist advice from your solicitor and probably a chartered surveyor.

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A2ZBigLoans.com specializes in all types of Apartment Commercial Mortgage Loans available. We have a dedicated team of loan specialists with over 40 years of combined experience in mortgage loans.

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