Stress Management for Inner Peace: The Master Key of Self-Forgiveness

by Ilenya Marrin - Date: 2007-02-09 - Word Count: 489 Share This!

Stress management and inner peace come much more easily with the master key of self-forgiveness at hand.

Self-forgiveness is a gentle method for releasing self-judgments that stand in the way of your authentic expression of joy, loving and peace.

Self-forgiveness is a powerful inside out strategy for stress relief.

Self-forgiveness melts the unconscious resistance that perpetuates your stress struggles.

Self-forgiveness creates a a safe place for inner peace to grow.

I first learned the power of self-forgiveness at the University of Santa Monica in a remarkable, leading edge program of spiritual psychology. For the past twenty years, I have successfully used this process with about 99 percent of my clients. The other one percent might have had a specific, short term issue not requiring forgiveness!

From my viewpoint as a spiritual counselor, here is what it's like when you learn to practice self-forgiveness.

I have heard your story, your concerns and your desire to transform beyond pain, depression, stress and conflict. I explain the process of making statements of self-forgiveness.

You begin with hesitation and a bit of nervousness. I watch with awe and loving as you allow yourself to encounter some of your many harsh self-judgments.

With simple spontaneous words, you start the amazing process of releasing those judgments. You thank me for making your process safe. (I am either listening deeply on the phone or sitting across from you, holding a loving space for you.)

At first you say, "Yes, I am sort of just saying the words." You dab away tears several times. Your facial expression shifts from tight and angry to more relaxed and open. You say, "I feel lighter. Some of the burden is lifted."

We talk a little more and then you do more self-forgiveness. Your voice comes from a deeper place and your words are more heartfelt. You say something like, "I feel this opening inside, like something is starting to be free."

At the end, you are smiling, a joyful inward smile, and hugging yourself as you drink in your own loving and caring.

For perhaps the first time ever, you are giving yourself the acceptance and redemption you have long sought unsuccessfully from others. You are creating a space for self-loving and inner peace to grow.

You are gently lifting away, a layer at a time, unconsciously held beliefs that sabotage your own success and lock you into stressful patterns. You have more work to do, but you are already finding the profound and joyful benefits of self-forgiveness.

Dealing with stress hassles on a daily basis is challenging enough. When you add a burden of stress based on unconscious patterns created long ago, life can seem totally overwhelming.

Self-forgiveness is the gentlest, most powerful approach I know for erasing those unconscious patterns and making room for new inner connections of love, joy and inner peace. In the process of releasing the judgments, you automatically release large chunks of your hidden stress burden.

Self-forgiveness is truly a little known master key for permanent stress reduction and inner peace.

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Dr. Ilenya Marrin is a personal peace coach, spiritual counselor, inspirational speaker, and author of ebooks, The Power of Personal Peace: Reducing Stress by Loving Yourself from the Inside Out and 77 Loving Steps for Success.

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