Finding Your Way Using GPS

by Bill Carmel - Date: 2007-02-15 - Word Count: 530 Share This!

When you are lost and you cannot find your way it is a good idea to have a GPS tracking system in your car, you will receive directions on how to get to the place you need to get to. Above the earth there are many satellites orbiting the earth that are continually communicating and providing information about where the vehicle is located on the earth.

GPS or Global Positioning System tracks your location by interpreting the data received from 3 or more satellites. Since the invention of the cell phone, cell phone companies are able to help the authorities for many years by triangulated the position of someones cell phone by using there signal and the cell towers. Many cars and trucks are able to record the location and speed of the vehicle and is able to transmit this information back to the office.

There are many different types of GPS tracking systems, and many companies are manufacturing them. There are so many different kinds of handheld GPS systems, one kind has a built in radio which allows you to communicate with each other but also allows you see the position of all the other people on your screen, this is good for hikers to keep in contact with each other. The governmental agency (FCC) has instructed GPS system providers to help with 911 calls for those people who are lost and need to be traced and tracked. The GPS systems are so advanced now it allows the proper authorities to track locations for 911 emergency calls; this is only allowed when there is an emergency and will not be used on a daily basis. Many automobiles are being equipped with passive GPS tracking, these system will record the location and the drivers speed, this information can be used later on for statistical information. A vehicle's location is updated at intervals of between 2 - 15 minutes.

There are many types of GPS vehicle tracking; wireless passive, cellular and satellite systems that can track in a real time basis. When talking about a cellular based system, these systems transmit the vehicles information over a land network every 5 minutes.

GPS vehicle tracking systems are more affordable and more popular than ever before, but do you need one. Many business are starting to use GPS systems that track their vehicles so they know where each vehicles it. Many car manufactures are including these GPS systems in their cars and trucks. GPS tracking systems are used by businesses in the service, transportation and manufacturing industries.

There are other types of GPS or global positioning systems can help give you peace of mind in knowing when your pet has crossed outside the safety zone of the backyard, or somewhere in your neighborhood. Many pet tracker system use GPS technology to keep track of your pets, these devices are so small they are able to fit into the pets collar. GPS tracking system do cost more depending on the brand name, but the features and functionality are well worth it.

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