I'm the One - Part Two

by Lisa H. Thomas - Date: 2007-10-31 - Word Count: 806 Share This!

The Power Lives Within You And It's Always Been There!

I am the one, the one to see the veil as it comes disguised--invisible -enveloping -smothering-your very being. Yeah, I'm the one to see it.

The veil comes in all shapes and sizes, looks and feels. Sometimes we convince ourselves that the veil is not a veil. It's called life for some of us and it simply is the way that it is - no other way, than the way that it is. It's invisible to us.

What gets in the way of speaking our vision, fulfilling on our vision, or authentically living our vision in every area of our lives?

How often do we put things off or put things in front of our vision? It's funny how we know or come to know what we need to do, but we put them off anyway. As women, we're always the last to get what we want and need. We find many excuses why not. You know the ones - don't have time, not enough money, need to take care of the family, or the many responsibilities at work. We even cleverly convince ourselves that the excuses are valid and worthy of being honored. We pull what I call the "Trump Card" on ourselves. But who are we cheating, really? We cheat ourselves from winning the game of life.

Then, consciously or unconsciously, we get angry, sad, frustrated or even depressed. Some of us are smart and convincing enough to use the subtle excuses, which I call the "King Trump CARD". They sound like - it's just in my gut that I shouldn't or it's not the right time, or I just don't feel like I should, or well, I obviously don't want to. Or, and this is my all time favorite, "oh, I AM happy", yet complaining in the next breathe about how we had a horrible day at the job we're working because we need the money or we're sick at the stomach because we hate having a conversation with our husband or significant other about something we want.

While the King Trump Cards appear to be good reasons, we find ourselves unhappy and not being our authentic selves. We're consistently sadden by life, frustrated because we don't have what we want, wondering why life is the way that it is, hoping for a miracle, and praying for the day that things will change.

Oh yes, the veil comes disguised in many shades...

We have learned what to tell ourselves to keep us from having what we want or being in action fulfilling on our vision. For some of us, it is the way that it is. Even in reading this column, you're probably saying, but my gut never fails me or it really isn't the right time or I really don't have enough money. I challenge you to look at your life. Look to see if there is also a pattern you've developed in saying, it really isn't the right time or my gut never fails me. Why don't you tell yourself it is the right time and the opportunity is now, and I am willing to have it or my gut is my reasonable side which keeps me complacent and where I am.

Because we've gotten so good at the game and playing the right Trump Card at the right time during the game, we miss the opportunities life has for us. The chance of living your vision and purpose has once again been missed.

The excuses may sound valid; however at the end of day, the fact remains constant. You won't have what you want if you don't go for having it.

Some steps to take are:

* Begin with a purpose or vision in mind.

* Bring your vision to life with words that communicate authentically who you are.

* Share your vision with others. Share with people you know and those you don't know.

* Find ways to support and maintain your new found purpose and vision by:

* Hiring a Coach and/or mentor.

* Joining an organization or group that supports what you're about.

* Asking Friends and family to support you.

Having a vision, breeds a life worth living - a passionate purposeful life. A passionate purposeful life expects and knows there is a veil that comes disguised, invisible, smothering us. That's when the veil comes most fiercely - when there is purpose. However, we also know that we can have what we want. The time to have it is now, for now is all we have.

As founder and president of The Power, Passion & Purpose Group, Lisa Thomas brings over twenty years experience in business, relationship and individual life coaching. Her vision is every woman lives a life of power, passion and dreams come true.

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