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The oil and gas industry is one of the most powerful ones in the world. A very important element is the transportation of these substances, which has been taking place for more than a century with the help of ingeniously built worldwide pipeline maps

The general definition of pipeline transport is a system of pipes which can carry great quantities of substances, mostly oil, and which spreads throughout the world in a complex pipeline map. Although the pipes can transport other goods too, the oil and gas transportation is the most important as the pipes develop the perfect way to carry these substances on long distances.

The beginning of the pipeline map transportation took place around the year 1860, and the origin of the first builders remains unknown. What is important is that, since then, the transportation of oil has continuously developed, the result being what it is today: probably the most efficient way of carrying hazardous substances, such as gas and oil, along great distances, all over the world.

The pipes pass periodically through a very careful control, the main purpose of the engineers being the maintenance of the system and of course the elimination of risks. The devices used to perform this type of controls have the name of pipeline inspection gauges, and periodically they go along the pipes to check their status.

Yet, in the history of pipeline transporting, there have still existed an important number of accidents. Most of them have not occurred because of the incorrect maintenance of the pipelines, but because of the people's greed, who tried to steal oil and ended up producing an explosion. Many people have died in this manner, and this is why the governments of the countries that possess a part of the pipeline map have implemented a series of laws to punish the oil thieves.

The most important pipeline maps of the world are the ones charting connection between countries of the same continent or the ones that create a link between continents beneath the ocean. The best example for this case is the Pacific Ocean pipeline. The most important oil and gas companies, which also develop pipeline maps, have their location on three big continents: Europe, North America and Asia. These are also the biggest oil producers because of their oil reserves found underground.

Maybe the most promoted pipeline map is the European one, which has its beginning in Russia, as one of world's biggest producers, and has a route for every big country in the continent, or at least for the ones in the European Union, from where the oil then redirects towards the smaller undeveloped countries. Annually, all over the world plans develop for the growth of the worldwide pipeline map, in order to gain access to every country that still does not have a route to the main line of oil.

Overall, we can clearly state that the oil pipeline transportation industry has such a great power and income as it is one of the most required in the world. Oil is necessary all over the world, as long as people will still need fuels for their vehicles and of course for other domains of activity in which oil and gas are necessary. The pipeline map is a complex web of pipelines, which has smaller divisions known, of course, as pipeline maps.

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