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Mobile phones involves lots of risks like phone loss, damage and stealing. To safeguard the financial interests of the handset owners, mobile phone insurance companies provides various phone insurance plans. Individual need to carefully choose a cheap mobile phone insurance plan for his/her handset.

Today the incidents of mobile thefts and loss is growing across the globe. Any individual, who has lost his/her handset finds very difficult to cope with the situation. This may be due to the cost involved in the purchase of the new handset. Also if stolen or lost gadget carried some free deals, then the gadget owner loose that deals too. Most of the widgets comes with the manufacturer's warranty. The warranty includes free replacement or servicing of the widget for any defects during the warranty period. But do not include the loss & accidental damage of the phone. Therefore, to minimize the financial burden due to such unfavourable incidents, the handset owners should insure their phone. The phone insurance means insuring the handset with specified mobile phone insurance plan. Each insurance plan is valid for some specific period. Market is flooded with the various insurance deals. The phone owner need to choose an effective cheap mobile phone insurance deal.

The usefulness of the cheap mobile phone insurance is felt by the people also for the risk of accidental damage of their handsets. Many people gets their costly cellphone damaged due to accidentally falling into muddy water, fire or from very high place. Possibility of handset damage due to it falling under the wheel of running vehicles also is not denied, when the people are outside home carrying their handsets on their hands. These are the situations for which the insurance deal is provided by the insurance company.

Individuals must carefully look into the various cheap mobile phone insurance plans meticulously. Many insurance plans do not provide coverage for contract offers. Therefore, it may not be suited for those having contract handsets. Also the people carrying ordinary gadgets do not need to buy insurance deal involving high premium rates. Many people prefer the mobile insurance plan covering only some risks. short duration insurance plan is also liked by many handset owners. All these depends on the people's budget, overall insurance need, preference and the insurance plans available in their respective areas.

An individual can take the assistance of the professional consultant or visit the websites for various available cheap mobile phone insurance plans in his/her area. The professional consultant first will assess the costs of the mobile, individual's monthly income, various local mobile insurance companies etc. Then after evaluating all these factors, will suggest an effective handset insurance plan to that individual. Some insurance companies also charge a processing fees for all those, who are insuring their handsets for the first time. However, the online mobile insurance companies do not charge processing fees. Online application of the insurance policy is preferred by many people due to the fast processing of the insurance applications. The insured gadget owners, who loose their handset during the insurance period is paid with the amount as stipulated in the plan. Insurance companies in UK provide compensation upto 1,000 pounds for each insured handset.

Cheap mobile phone insurance deal is advantageous for the low and middle income group individuals. Mobile phones are the easiest and convenient mode of communication nowadays. Such individuals buy the costly handsets with their hard earned income. Therefore, they cannot cope with the situation of their handset being stolen/lost or damaged. The insurance company on the one hand, not only provide the cost for buying new handset, it also covers the damage cost due to loss of contract deals.

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