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Today's world is largely ruled by capitalism. This is a social system where individuals and businesses have the right to own and use property, and use lawful goods, services, and other assets at their disposal, to generate profit. In a capitalist world, we're free - but more or less obliged - to work hard for money. With network marketing, however, we still have to work for money, but it never has to be of the back-breaking variety.

6 Reasons Why Network Marketing Is the Ultimate Opportunity

1. Comparatively Lower Risk

Most businesses come with a certain amount of risk. This is heightened if you're required to invest greater time and money. With network marketing, however, the only risk you probably have to take is losing face when you get turned down by prospects. But other than that, there's nothing else to risk.

With network marketing, you have only to invest a small amount of money - usually for marketing materials and training costs - or none at all. You don't even have to quit your day job because network marketing can be done anytime of the day.

2. Products in Demand

Rarely do network marketing companies sell products or services that consumers don't need. These people are operated by smart-minded people who have done their research before releasing their products to the market. As a network marketing associate, your job is to make sure that the company's goods reach the market more quickly.

Even better, many of the products produced by network marketing companies are those which customers could have a continuous need for. Every prospect can be converted to your customer for a lifetime!

3. Residual Income

Working hard in network marketing is vital, but only in the early stages. When you've built yourself a good-sized tree, you'll soon discover that you no longer have to work at all since your downlines are already earning enough money for you.

Remember, there are two ways to earn from network marketing. The first is by selling the company's products and services. The second, and which is usually the more lucrative opportunity, is by sharing network marketing opportunities with other people. You earn every time your recruits earn. If you help your recruits, the system makes sure you're rewarded in return, creating for you a potentially huge source of income.

4. No Labor Costs

Network marketing opportunities rarely require their associates to hire employees. After all, how hard it is to speak to other people and explain the wonderful future ahead of them? If there are ever employees then they're better known as downlines and they're people you don't have to pay. Instead, your so-called "employees" pay you back for your help.

5. Easy Selling Process

With network marketing, you don't have to keep an inventory of the company's products and services. More importantly, many companies will assist you until the end of your transaction from helping you contact your leads, giving you free use of the company's facilities, and shipping the goods to your customers.

6. Ready-to-Operate System

Network marketing is the kind of business you can set up wherever and whenever you want. You can make a presentation online or with just pen and paper. As long as you can clearly explain the network marketing opportunity to your prospects, you can do business anywhere 24/7!

Are you now convinced that network marketing is the greatest thing to have happened to capitalism?

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