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Increasingly, workers are realizing that a job involving data entry from home has benefits both emotionally and financially. Not only that, but businesses in all locations and of all sizes realizing the benefits as well. In looking at the question of whether or not doing this type of work is appropriate for you, a review of both the disadvantages and advantages should be carefully considered. The final choice will also depend upon the personality type of the individual performing the home based work. Here are just a few of the benefits to home based workers that accrue when data entry work performed from the home is the career of choice.


Although for you, economics may not be the major reason to switch to data entry from home as your career choice, it is certainly a strong reason for doing so. The income can be enough to add extra padding to your budget, or it can replace a corporate job, dollar for dollar on the income side. On the expense side of your budget, significant saving can be achieved through lower clothing, food, transportation and miscellaneous costs associated with going off to work at an outside location each day. In addition, there are usually significant tax savings associated with a home office.

Be your own boss

Another advantage of data entry from home is that you are your own boss. You decide the jobs that will be completed and when they will be done, subject to the overall deadline. You decide whether you want your computer set against the wall, or facing a window. You decide how much you will charge and the type of work that appeals to you the most. If you decide you need a raise, you can give yourself a raise. You can also decide that you are unwilling to work with a particular business or type of data entry venue.


Data entry from home provides the worker with endless variety both in the type of jobs, the interest level and the pay level that is available. You can do general data entry one day and be paid the high going rate for medical or legal transcription work the next day. There is also work that is fairly repetitive but in this instance, you don't have to be stressed by the variations and you always know that the next day will bring something new and different to work on.


Being able to schedule your work and play time is one of the best benefits for data entry from home workers. You can decide to work all night and sleep when the particular job is completed or you can pace yourself by religiously working two to three hours in the morning and allowing the balance of the day to do your own thing. If you know you will be attending your college roommates wedding in two months, you can schedule your work load so as to allow you to enjoy the festivities without worrying about using up precious vacation time.

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