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They will scam you easy if you don't read how to beat them. Many online free pc tv software websites are just scams out to get your money. About 70% of all satellite pc tv packages out there are fake and don't deliver any English TV channels or shows. You need to know how to tell the con websites from the few good ones on the internet.

A money back guarantee is something you should look for first in any website offering satellite tv software. The good ones will even offer you a 30 day trial period when you can claim back your refund if you want to cancel your membership.

The download process for a good online software package should be fast. There are those that will load into your computer in 2 minutes flat. Others will take as long as 10 minutes or more. The longer any online satellite television software takes is an indication it might be carrying viruses and other harmful programs that will slow your processor or even crash it.

Reliable satellite tv on pc software will have an easy to use interface where accessing online tv streams is as easy as a couple of straightforward clicks of your mouse. Very complicated toolbars of some software make navigating from one tv channel to the next a nightmare and it may take even more time than when you browse for these channels from Google.

Requirements for installing a tv on pc satellite software should also be basic. Some software have very high requirements that may have you spending a lot of money to upgrade your computer for satellite tv. The basic requirements that are needed in your computer include a processor of type Pentium 4, speeds of atleast 300 MHz, a virtual memory of about 520 Mb RAM, and a good fast internet connection with atleast 56k. A DSL line is perfect to receive television streams on your pc.

The cost of a satellite tv on pc software or membership should not be so high because this is a very simple software package. The average that you should pay is around $30- $50. Some packages that ask for hundreds of dollars or monthly subscriptions are just out to get as much money from you as possible and should be avoided.

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