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When selecting a Bluetooth headset, it's very important to consider what kind of lifestyle you have, and what your daily activities consist of. If you spend the majority of your time inside, the Scala 500 Bluetooth headset probably isn't your best bet. However, the Scala 500 Bluetooth headset is the perfect solution if you're looking for a headset that performs well in outside conditions.

The Scala 500 uses patented WindGuard technology - you'll definitely hear the difference, especially when biking or going for a walk on a windy day. WindGuard within the Scala 500 eliminates all noise created throughout the environments you surround yourself. The Scala 500 headset also features echo canceling filters, which help to further improve the performance of the headset.

The Scala 500's WindGuard technology defeats any wind interferences much better than any other competing Bluetooth headset around. Although there are already a number of headsets that feature noise and wind interference canceling technology, it is important to point out that Cardo has also made wise moves with the microphone placement within the headset. If you're a cell phone user in a location that's prone to wind, like Chicago, this headset should be a must-have on your list.

Talk time for the Scala 500 is good at 9 hours - standby time is around a week or so. The charging time is pretty brisk - it took us only 2 or 3 hours to fully charge the Scala 500. The Scala 500 uses the rechargeable Li Pro battery technology as available in a wide range of Bluetooth headsets these days. Although the charging time may leave you hanging, please note that its standby time is quiet impressive even with today's technology and resources.

The Scala 500 also has support for the VersaClip, which is an optional attachment for ear loop and sunglasses. Up until recently the only manufacturer that came close to designing similar technology was Motorola with their RAZRWIRE Sunglasses/Headset. Although either will come in handy the price is quiet well noticeable and will certainly draw a lot of attention to the new Scala product line from CARDO.

With outstanding predominance and memorable quality products overall, it is safe to say that Cardo will be a brand that will stick around. The Scala 500 had a few features we found pretty handy, like voice dialing, selective call rejecting, as well as easy toggle from phone to headset. Voice dialing among many features is especially handy when you are running a busy schedule and perhaps a lot of commute. Driving from point A to point B can already be a hassle therefore the Scala 500 voice dialing feature will ease the way you communicate. With the simple push of the side-button, and saying the name you wish to dial it makes it a simple 2-step process to get in touch with business partner or the loved one.

Overall, the Scala 500 is a great headset, with no audio problems whatsoever. It shows off with its lightweight and streamlined design but it certainly will not leave you hanging when it comes down to demonstrating great quality and superb performance on the go.

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