Here Is How To Import MP3 Audiobooks Into iTunes

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Steps on how to import MP3 audiobooks into iTunes.

Do you remember the time when people listened to vinyl records? Probably not. Well, the vinyl record is the grandfather of the compact disc. The basic audio CD format most people know has been everywhere for over two decades now.

For this reason, when it comes to audiobooks, CDs are the most popular digital format.

Over time, additional formats came about which worked to the benefit of the audiobook industry. MP3 CDs were developed in the past five years. This format is so compatible for audiobooks because the audiodata is stored in the MP3 format that is compressed. Usually it is the audio that is fit within the disk space, therefore the low quality format.

Of course, music lovers do not want low quality music. The same goes out to the lovers of listening to audiobooks. Low resolution MP3 CDs do not sound great at all. Audiobooks may fit on one MP3 CD but the purchaser must make sure that it is of good quality.

But there are those who can just import their MP3 audiobooks into iTunes. When this is done, it is easier to organize your library.

1. Insert the iTunes CD and let it lead you to the Desktop or the option with the My Computer icon.

2. Open the CD using Windows Explorer or Finder. Locate ???playlist.m3u??? file.

3. Click twice (double-click) so that you can open it with your iTunes. If iTunes does not pop up automatically, you can bring it out manually.

4. The CD will automatically play simultaneously as iTunes start importing the selected files that have been obtained from your playlist.

5. Press the Play button twice so that the playback will end.

6. Let iTunes finish importing the MP3 files from the MP3 CDs. This may take quite a long time (depends on how fast your optical drive is) but when it does finish the importing process, iTunes analyzes the sound volume of each track. Take some time to finish that one too.

7. Your main goal is to have a window showing all of your imported tracks.

8. Choose all the tracks to create the audiobook. From the Advanced menu, select the Convert Selection and change it to AAC. This will eventually convert the tracks of your audiobook from the large MP3s to a smaller AAC file.

9. Converting your MP3 files to AAC or any audio format is said to be a bad idea because there is a possibility that the quality of the audio might be degraded. The whole purpose of importing MP3 files to AAC is to throw out the unnecessary audio information in order to make the files smaller.

10. It may take much of your time but patience is the key. As soon as it finishes importing, make sure that you duplicate each track on your library.

11. Click on the Kind column so you can begin sorting out the files. Making it easier for you to choose all the MP3 files, you can press the Delete key so that you can throw out all the items from your iTunes Library. Afterwards, press the Move to Trash icon that is located in the dialog appearing on the page. This is for you to be able to recover some disk space.

12. Again, this will take some time. From the File option, select Get Info. For short cut, you can press Command (Control Key) and letter I. This will open the Multiple Song Information window.

13. You can edit all the information by inputting the chapter to chapter, author, book title and genre of the Audiobook on your library. You can edit it in the exact same way you put the information such as track to track, Artist, Album and Genre for your music files.

You can always switch to the Options panel in order for you to check the Skip when shuffling as well as the Remember playback position.

For the Remember playback position, the iPod and the iTunes allow the file to be bookmarked. This is very convenient for iPod audiobook listeners because it can serve like a bookmark to a novel they are reading. Only this time, when you press play, it will automatically start where you left it.

Transferring your MP3 CDs to iTunes may be difficult but if you are investing on audiobooks, you might as well have patience and go through the entire process once for a lifetime of listening enjoyment.

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