Search Engines, Absolute Link: Its Advantages

by ANIRBAN BHATTACHARYA - Date: 2009-05-17 - Word Count: 295 Share This!

One of the hot debates relating to modern web technology is the contentious advantages of absolute link over relative link. One group says absolute link gives better search engine rankings, and another says search engines do not take into considering if a link is absolute or relative so rankings are not affected even if you choose the latter. During a search, the search engine automatically converts a relative link into an absolute link. So what is the difference between an absolute link and a relative link? Absolute link are coded as the entire website URL defining the document location, transfer protocol, server, directory location, and document name.If you want to covert the same URL into a relative one, it would appear as sample.htm. Shorter code can decrease the download time of the page. This means relative links have an edge over absolute links. However, absolute links are still used by SEO experts as an efficient tool for affordable search engine optimization . A web promotion specialist would still prefer to use absolute links for more than one reason. It is really helpful when you park more than a single domain at the same website. This means that you have prevented the search engines from indexing your website under both URLs. An absolute link can also give you better visibility in search engine results if you are looking for a PDF file. Visitors normally download PDF files to their desktops. If your PDF file has a relative link, the web page will fail to load when one clicks on it from the desktop. This is why a PDF file should always have an absolute link. That's the reason, a web site promotion firm would prefer absolute links. So, for affordable web promotion switch to absolute links.

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