How To Get Ripped Abs For Life

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A flat, toned midsection may seem like a lofty goal, but what if I told how to get ripped abs for life just by changing your diet and the way you work out? Would you be interested? Achieving the ripped abs of your dreams may not be as a difficult as you might think, and with a few changes to your diet, and a workout plan that focuses on total core training, you can begin to see noticeable results in just a few short weeks.

Ripped Abs for Life: Where Most People Go Wrong

If you are one of the thousands of people who perform an endless amount of crunches and sit-ups each day, with no noticeable results from your efforts, you can probably guess that you're among the majority of people who approach the goal of ripped abs all wrong. This is because the fat around your midsection, also known as visceral fat, is deeper than other kinds of fat in the body, and cannot be spot targeted. The key to flatter abs, is not repetitive exercises that only serve to strengthen the abdominal muscles, but a proper fat-burning diet combined with intense interval training that works the entire core section of the body.

Diet Your Way to Ripped Abs

What you eat is perhaps the most important tool you have in producing a flatter, toned midsection. Below are some simple rules to follow when creating your unique diet plan:

Protein. A diet high in lean protein will not only help you build lean muscle mass, it also helps to improve your metabolism and regulate your hormones. Lean protein helps you burn calories faster and will help to ward off hunger much more than fast-acting carbohydrates.

Fiber. Choosing carbohydrate sources that are high in fiber, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, will give you the benefit of long-lasting energy, without the risk of fat storage.

Good Fat. All fat is not created equal, and certain fats in your diet are absolutely necessary for good overall health. Foods like nuts, avocados and olive oil can help improve your metabolism and burn visceral fat in your midsection.

No Processed Foods. A good rule of thumb to follow in creating your diet plan is to limit or eliminate processed foods. This would include all foods which contain trans-fat and high fructose corn syrup which are detrimental not only to your fitness goals but to your overall health.

Intensity Core Training

The final factor in achieving lean, ripped abs is a total core training workout that combines strength training with high intensity cardio. Intensity training is different to sustained cardio routines such as treadmill workouts and cycling, in that it uses strength routines to max out the muscles in the core.

The weight you workout with, along with the duration and speed of each set should be varied to help stimulate the muscles and burn fat.

If you want powerful, ripped abs in the shortest amount of time, maybe it's time to ditch the sit-up and crunches routine that never seems to produce any visible results. Instead, change your diet to include lots of lean protein and fiber, and begin working your entire core with a high intensity training program that burns fat quickly and strengthens your entire midsection.

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