Satellite System Application At Home - What You Can Get From Your Satellite Dish?

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When it comes to home use satellite dish, what gets into your mind in the first place? I bet 90% of y'all will be thinking of TV entertainment. Without a doubt, satellite TV broadcasting is for sure the widest application for satellite dish. Nevertheless as technologies advance rapidly, more and more services are commercialized and made available via satellite dish nowadays. A few instant examples are satellite Internet access and satellite radio services.

Satellite Radio Services

While satellite radio services might sound stranger to you, Sirius and XM, two major satellite radio providers in United States kept marching on their pace towards more and more subscribers. At the time of writing, these two satellite radio service providers own more than 14 millions subscribers (XM claims about 8 million; while Sirius 6 million) in total and the number is increasing fast. The claims on such fast rising trend is no surprise to anyone in the business as satellite radio companies are taking creative ways to promote their services, including offering their radio setup as original equipments in the car model. BMW, MINI, Mercedes, FORD, Honda, and many more are now the sole partners for Sirius Satellite Radio on the expansions. With such promotion strategy, car buyers are most likely turned into their subscribers instantly when they made the purchase.

What's good about satellite radio service?

Satellite radio is most probably the only radio services that offer uncensored radio shows in the states. With about $15 per month, both XM and Sirius radio users enjoy hundred of digital quality uncensored radio programming. On top of that, majority of the satellite radio programming are commercial free. This means you get nothing but your favorite radio talk show or music with satellite radio, no more crappy advertisement that cuts in like AM/FM radio. Sirius Satellite Radio, for instant offers more than 70 channels commercial free radio programming.

Disadvantages with satellite radio

While you get free programming from the AM/FM radio, you need to pay for what you are listening at satellite radio services. Currently the only problem from what we see with satellite radio is the price of subscription. The $15/mo seems a bit expensive when compare to totally free radio services with AM/FM radio. The price, however, seems reasonable as they are run their show solely based on user subscription.

Satellite Internet Services

Satellite Internet service is a new method you can get online nowadays.

What's good about satellite Internet service?

For those who stay in rural area where DSL cables are unreachable, satellite Internet service works best for those who need high speed Internet. At the time of writing, satellite Internet speed ranged around 500kbps to 1.5kbps in its download speed. Not as fast as cable DSL connection, but the speed is sufficient for Internet users to do most of the daily surfing.

Disadvantages with satellite Internet

The bigger problem than connection speed with satellite Internet is latency problem Latency errors limit the usage of various satellite Internet service such as network gaming, video streaming, as well as real time video conferencing. A prominent example is network gaming. Multiple players connect their gaming consoles or personal computers to the Internet and participate in an online game, World of War Craft for example, to compete against each other. The communication and synchronization between each player is highly important. These games require the possibility of reacting quickly to events occurring in the game. With a lagging effect of even 0.5 seconds, normal game play is affected, causing players using satellite internet to be at the disadvantage position in the game.

Wrapping things up

Both satellite radio and satellite Internet are meant for different needs. In case you need quality radio service or you're a big fans of Howard's talk show, satellite radio (Sirius) is surely something you don't want to miss. Satellite Internet, on the other hand, solves the needs of high speed Internet services in rural area.

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