Sex, Love, God and Lust: Let's Talk About God and Lust

by Don Jones - Date: 2006-12-29 - Word Count: 1154 Share This!

First of all let us try and keep specific religious tenants from our article. We may try to define sin by asking a question, but we will attempt to make no statements offensive to individual beliefs.

I always go to the animal world to get down to raw nature. Nature and God are intertwined. Most agree that animals function by following God's built-in instructions. When it comes to sex and lust and love we have to dig a bit to compare some animals to humans. We have said elephants demonstrate a strong love between each other. Geese and perhaps others mate for life.

It's easier for me to think of an elephant in love than a goose for some reason. However not many animals can be thought of being in love, like humans. Or is that just lust with humans? No, people do love without sex being involved, such as brother and sister and family.

What if you did not know it was your brother? You are 18 and meet your brother you never knew and don't know now. He never knew you. He comes on to you and you reciprocate and then, jimmy-jam. Good grief, you just did your brother!

I mean if you found out, could you do it again? Think about that. That goes to show we can know something about the opposite sex, such as, that is my sister, and never lust. Mind over raw feelings.

Now bulls, walrus, monkeys, and many others have multiple sexual encounters to spread their seed. It is all about keeping the species moving on, rather than about sex. Nature says to trees, flowers and all things living, "Spread your seed so you are carrying on for those to come."

It seems that is what nature is all about, procreation. It is why flowers smell good and have nectar, it is why trees bear fruit. Berry seeds do not digest in birds so they will excrete seeds far and wide, along with a bit of fertilizer.

We cannot inbreed without consequence which brings up the thought, well somewhere some time did not people inbreed? Well they did when the pioneers came. In the Appalachian Hills as a matter of fact, and there were signs of the consequences. I don't know about small tribes, such as in Africa and the early American Indian but it surely brought about affected people at birth. Perhaps they were destroyed.

There are strong connections between humans and animals. The male of all species is normally dominant by features and strength. Lions, peacocks, gorillas, deer, bulls, etc., etc. Man shares in that description. The male is generally the aggressor sexually and given tools by nature to help him conquer the female. He is often larger more muscular and more aggressive. He is definitely the hunter while the female is definitely the domestic.

The tools may be gorgeous feathers, pure animal strength, the following of a strong urge or a scent. Nature has made procreation the main ingredient in most, if not all species makeup. I believe the drone bee dies after spreading seed. I sure hope he has a little enjoyment before dying, don't you? I wonder what the urge was?

OK, I believe we have suggested that the male human may fall into the category of following the urge where nature takes him, just like most other males in the animal kingdom, by comparison. It starts at puberty where the urge is tremendous and not too choosy.

So now let's get to the meat. If a male is compared to the rest of the male world and found equal to them by being born to follow an urge in order to keep the species alive, then may he go around jim-jamming every female he can, to spread his seed? Hmmmmm Is there a sin there? If there is a sin there now, was it a sin a million years ago? If it was, our ancestors were big sinners.

So did God/Nature intend for we males to spread our seed as often as possible, given the tools we have which is a strong urge that will dominate on many occasions? Not rape, too much trouble and it is not needed in order to do a good job of spreading. I suspect rape was not necessary a million years ago.

Now society will rise up and yell no, no, that is not what God intended. However we have not been a society in close communication very long. One tribe had no idea what another tribe a hundred miles away was doing. Each had their own rules of sexual conduct and from what we know, it was just do it if you want to when you want to.

Pretend we put 500 babies on an island and supposing they can nourish themselves. Then come back in seventy years.

You will most likely find a common language, perhaps a monetary exchange, children no doubt, less than 500 grey heads as some have died. Now what do you suppose happened when Boden died? Boden grabbed his chest, uttered something and fell on the beach, the first of the 500 to die. No one had ever seen a dead man, so maybe they thought he was asleep dreaming.

After a couple of days Boden is getting ripe. "What the hell happened to Boden?" The kids and folks wanted to know. They can't stand his bloated looks and stench anymore so they send him out to sea on a raft.

Then the little kids start crying, scared for Granpa Boden. So they are told, not to worry, he went to sleep and is now out living with the fish in paradise. Or maybe they said, "Boden was not eating his green beans and the Devil got him."

That is how things get started. Filling a social need. Come back in two hundred years and they may be telling everyone to be good as Boden is watching. Then there may come a Book of Boden.

By now I must have offended someone, but it is not secular nor meant to be offensive. It is to foster debate and thinking. Something we do too little.

My theory on why a female human is the only one to experience and orgasm is because she does not become pregnant after every copulation like animals. So the man has to come back and she has to want him to come back, ergo the climax in a female. The desire to keep on keeping on. Makes sense.

Then why does she have orgasms after she is pregnant? So the male can keep enjoying himself, right? So does that mean they should sort of hang together? Why not?

But a guy can serve two or three females, not just hang with one. Does that mean in order to use his full capacity he needs two or three females to switch around keeping everyone warm and happy and pregnant? Makes sense.

Boy am I in trouble now. What can I say? Nature made it that way, not me.

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