Start a Conversation With Your Customers

by Jody Gabourie - Date: 2008-06-20 - Word Count: 584 Share This!

The secret to making people sit up and take notice of you and your company is to identify and address the problems they are facing. This is really the only way that you'll get their attention and any resulting action on their part.

Sure, people may take a second glance at your flashy brochure or your great looking website, but they won't "stop to have a conversation" if you haven't shown them that you understand their needs and wants, and have a solution to offer.

The first stage in trying to form a relationship is usually to approach someone and offer a simple smile or hello - establish some contact. It's the same with a marketing relationship - you want to give people an opportunity to "get to know" you.

At this stage in your marketing, your goal is to have people notice you so that you can start introducing yourself. Use everything from your business card to your web site to direct mail to free speaking engagements, and start attracting attention.

Don't expect people though, to immediately call you up and book an appointment with you or purchase your products right away. Some might, but the majority of people need time to get to know you and to feel comfortable with you and what you're offering.

Prospective clients also need to be convinced of the value of your services. How can you convince them without actually "doing" the service for them so they can see the great results you provide?

The best way is to provide a sampler - you know, like they do at your local supermarket and liquor store. Not too many people pass those little freebies by. It doesn't cost them anything and there are no strings attached to purchase.

You can accomplish the same thing with your business by offering something like a report that allows them to "test drive" the benefits of your services or products. Just make sure the free give-away addresses a key concern or issue your prospect is experiencing and gives a suggested solution - one that your service provides.

There are lots of marketing tactics you can use to offer people a taste of your products and services - an introduction to you and your business:

* teleseminar

* ebook

* special report

* audio e-course

* tip sheet

* complimentary consultation

* introductory seminar

* an online assessment

* mini-course

* ezine or newsletter

* self-evaluation test

* articles

Offering something of value for free is a very important step in marketing. It is a way of introducing yourself to prospective clients in a non-intrusive, friendly manner. People are naturally more cautious and skeptical these days so you need to make it as easy as possible for them to get to know you at their pace - which will be different for each person.

The thing that many businesses forget to do with this free give-away is to ask for the prospect's name and email address. These people have indicated an interest in finding out more about you by asking for your "sampler" and you can offer it in exchange for their name and email address.

In this day and age of internet selling and buying, the majority of people are comfortable with giving you this information. Once you have this information you will now be able to continue developing the relationship with these prospects and moving them through the other steps in your marketing process.

This simple step let's you get around having to ask prospects to make a big initial commitment by contacting you directly. All you're doing is simply offering them an introduction and an invitation to start a conversation.

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