Iron Costume Ideas For Halloween

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Iron Man remains one of those truly interesting heroes in Marvel Comics. The character of Iron Man and his alter ego Tony Stark first debuted in the 1960s. Iron Man has always been popular but he was never a "super" superhero along the lines of Spiderman or The Hulk.

With the success of the recent Iron Man films, all that has changed and Iron Man remains one of the most popular heroes in the Marvel Universe. Iron Man costumes drawn from both the first film and the second film truly will be popular this Halloween. Why not look over a few Iron Man costume ideas that may very well deliver on your expectations for a fun outing this Halloween.

The most obvious of all Iron Man costume ideas would be to wear the an Iron Man costume based on the look from the second film. This is a very sleek costume design that does not look "clunky" as the early comic book versions of the character did. The robotic design of the Iron Man costume someone manages to mix an athletic appearance with the android style look.

This makes the costume quite eye catching and, more importantly, an upbeat costume. Most Halloween costumes have a tendency to be dark, depressing and downbeat. This is assuredly not the case with Iron Man costumes as they have a heroic brightness that makes them an excellent alternative to traditional costumes.

Of course, if you DO want to be a little menacing, you can the option other Iron Man costume ideas. One of which would be to wear the Whiplash costume similar to the villain of the film. Whiplash is a truly tough and menacing character. He is well recreated in an excellent costume that fans of comic book bad guys will enjoy.

What about the women looking for Iron Man costume ideas, what options are available to them? For women, there is the Black Widow costume that is also faithfully replicated. Black Widow was a staple of Daredevil comics but she did make frequent appearances in other books such as The Avengers. As a supporting character in Iron Man 2, she was introduced to audiences all over the world making her a popular costume idea this Halloween.

Then, there is the "other Iron Man" that audiences met in the sequel. This would, of course, be the character of the War Machine. You could consider War Machine to be partner to Iron Man as he shares a similar costume. If there was a difference between the costumes it would be that War Machine is a bit more of a tough guy character. The costume really does have a special look to it which is why it is an excellent superhero costume choice.

Who knows? You may be able to buy more than one costume and form a team with your friends and family. Then again, if Whiplash is part of the mix, you could add a foe to the scenario.

Kid's costumes are also available. This can give the young ones a chance to dress up as old "shellhead". And the look of the costume is not weak by any stretch of the imagination just because it is a kid's costume.

If you are looking for Iron Man costume ideas, there are plenty to choose from. Iron Man costumes are quite popular this Halloween season for a reason - the movies have breathed a lot of life into this cool character. So, why not consider purchasing one of these excellent costumes

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