What is ASP .NET?

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Microsoft .NET Framework is a platform for creation, expansions and start of web-services and appendices. It gives

the high-efficiency, multilanguage environment based on standards which allows to integrate existing appendices

with appendices and services of following generation, and also to solve problems of expansion and use the


.NET Framework consists of three basic parts - the nontechnical environment of performance (common language

runtime), hierarchical set of the unified libraries of classes and the componental version ASP named ASP .NET.

ASP .NET is a part of technology .NET, used for a writing powerful client-server the Internet-appendices. It allows

to create dynamic pages HTML. ASP .NET has resulted from association of older technology ASP (active server pages)

and .NET Framework. It contains set of ready elements of management, applying which, it is possible to create

interactive web-sites quickly.

You also can use the services given by other sites, is transparent for users of your site. In general,

opportunities ASP .NET are limited only by your imagination.

Let's discuss, that such dynamic pages HTML and than they differ from static. The static page contains a code in

language of hypertext marking HTML. When the author of page writes it, it defines, how the page for all users will

look. The maintenance of page will be always identical, irrespective of, who and when will decide it to see. It is

quite enough language HTML for display of the information which seldom changes and does not depend on the one who

looks through it. Page HTML - the simple ASCII-text, hence, the client can work in any operational system.

Dynamic filling of page is an information which differs from viewing to viewing and which maintenance depends on

the one to whom it is intended. Such filling allows to provide bilateral information interchange - from the client

to a server and back.

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