Copywriting, 15 Ways Social Media Can Change What Customers Are Saying About Your Brand

by NICKY JAMESON - Date: 2009-04-20 - Word Count: 672 Share This!

Increasingly, your customer's brand experience is directly related to their customer service experience with you. And increasingly they are using Social Media to share those experiences with (almost) anyone who will listen.

Too often companies are absent from these important conversations. Meanwhile their customers, frustrated at unsatisfactory customer service (and, at the same time on the receiving end of ever-more sophisticated ad campaigns) are taking their grievances to the web and using Social Media to share them with peers, and customers, both current and potential. This should be very worrying for companies who are losing formerly loyal customers often because of poor customer service.

How can Marketers use Social Media Marketing to join the conversations that are going on about them and effectively turn negatives into positives? Read on.

As a marketer, Social Media gives you unprecedented access to what people are saying about you.

You can use this information to improve services - especially customer service - and generate positive buzz.

You can craft messages that speak directly and personally to a customer's needs.

You can create engaging content using Social Media copywriting rules.

You can ask your customers directly for their feedback.

You can (eventually) develop brand advocates.

And in most cases all this will take is for marketers to listen more, talk less and be willing to engage with their customers using Social Media networks and tools.

Here are 15 ideas for using Social Media to engage customers. Using one or more of these suggestions you could potentially turn a negative situation to your marketing advantage.

Set up an internal forum, or blog to discuss and act on the issues your customers are discussing. Encourage internal staff to contribute ideas.

Set up an external blog or forum where people can connect with you and discuss issues related to your service. Establish posting guidelines, but be approachable and open. Let customers know you are listening to them.

Assign someone in your organization to be the designated responder. This person should be a Social Media user, personable and sociable - not someone who gets defensive about your brand.

Commit to act on what people are saying...if something isn't working the company must find a way to get it fixed. If frontline people need to be empowered, empower them. Be prepared to own the outcomes.

Read all comments, blog posts, forum posts and any related commentary that people post - wherever they post it.

Listen. And then listen some more.

Raise some topics yourself. Have you improved something since a customer raised it? Blog about it, make it a "good news" story. Track your progress, ask for comment.

Before responding, make sure you understand all the issues. Simply jumping in - it will just come across as defensive.

Make your responses friendly, human and personal. Think personal email, person to person when crafting your messages.

Don't quote corporate policy, mission or vision statements. They mean nothing when your customer can't get hold of a live person on the phone to solve their problem.

Step back and take note of reactions to your responses.

It may not be appropriate to resolve some individual concerns on your blog. Provide relevant contact details and email on your blog and in your posts - and ensure these queries are promptly followed up.

Thank your customers for their input and encourage their feedback on making further improvements. Offer an incentive if necessary. Be creative.

Share the outcomes on your blog - this demonstrates your responsiveness and furthers engagement. But don't expect overwhelming praise.

Rinse and repeat.

Companies who embrace Social Media Marketing have an opportunity to enhance their relationships with customers, rebuild trust and positively impact their brand where it matters.

Nicky M. Jameson is a results-oriented B2B and Social Media Copywriting Expert who helps mid-sized and entrepreneurial technology companies stay profitable, competitive and successful. She's the author of the ground-breaking report The 19 "New" Rules of Social Media Copywriting. Get yourself a free copy of this special report at You can also contact and find out more about Nicky at

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