Is Clapham The Most Popular Place For Pizza?

by David Craythorn - Date: 2010-09-16 - Word Count: 496 Share This!

It's actually a question I've been turning over in my mind for a while currently but seeing my local Clapham pizza restaurant filled with contented clients night after night I started to question whether Clapham Common is the most popular place to get pizza in the UK. I believe the answer lies in examining a few facts and figures concerning the great Italian dish while sitting down to my favourite slice of double pepperoni.
Pizza is thriving in these tough economic times with the whole industry experiencing an upturn in sales. The big numbers are to be found in take-out rather than eating-in but there are many eateries bucking the trend because of a strong reputation of supplying quality food in a customer focused environment. This is unquestionably evident when you see all the satisfied clientèle in the Clapham restaurant I frequent.
But is the UK market the most robust? It is certainly displaying some optimistic numbers but the Americans continue to enjoy top status which is no real surprise given their rich history of eating the dish. The US has been hit hard by the economic downturn but eateries in the States are generally resilient in tough times as a result of society that relies on grabbing take-out for daily eating.
The unexpected success stories are coming from the Asian market. Go back ten years and you would be hard-pressed to find Indians choosing takeaway meals that originate from Italy. However, a regular slice of pie has become a routine for countless Indian families. And of course, pizza is such a versatile cuisine that the Asian market has customised the dish to suit local tastes. With homegrown brands leading the way against the recognised Western brand names, revenue from sales in Asia is closing in on the US.
So how come the dish seamlessly integrates into the eating habits of such diverse cultures and economies? One reason is the way it can easily change to suit customer trends. As consumers, we are becoming savvy to the ingredients used in our food so many restaurants have switched to healthier options. My own pizza restaurant in Clapham is famed for the healthiest and lightest dough base in the country. Research suggests that people seek out quality eating at affordable prices and pizza ticks both those boxes. So, restaurants serving the dish continue to succeed while other eateries offering more expensive dining options struggle.
And then we come to take-out. As we all look to tighten our belts in hard times takeaway prospers. A slice and a movie at home is a cheaper alternative to dining out and I know my local Clapham takeaway is always doing great business throughout the week and at weekends which proves the point somewhat.
So, while Clapham Common, or the UK for that matter, can't boast to be generating the most money from pizza sales, it is certainly a popular dish whether eating in at a restaurant or ordering out for a night in front of the telly.

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