Online Shopping: an Urge Soaring in India

by Raisa Raima - Date: 2008-10-14 - Word Count: 333 Share This!

The process of selecting items on a website and then giving an order for their purchase over the Internet is what online shopping is. Shoppers can thus go to different websites which are termed as shopping sites as they provide the user with a list of items and behave much like a 'virtual market'. People can thus sit in front of their PC's and see the list of items belonging to different categories and also select their quantities that they want and then confirm their order with just a click of a mouse or a push on the enter button on the keyboard. Online shopping stores are now becoming the most popular shopping haunts for the internet savvy customer. Otherwise known also as 'Webshops', these are websites on the internet which deal primarily in B2B and B2C transactions and fall under the genre of electronic commerce. These stores are of various types. They are however differentiated on the basis of the software that they use and the payment system which they follow. Hence there are shopping websites which have a shopping cart system which is the virtual cousin of the traditional shopping cart in any supermarket. In this system, users go on browsing the website and click on the items that they want to acquire. These items are then added to the shopping cart or a type of entry is made in a log for that specific customer. He, however has the choice to deselect any product after he has collected all the items that he wants in the shopping cart. The customer then has to pay the total accumulated bill which is determined by adding all the prices of the items that he has selected. The payment system in an Online Shopping Store is normally through credit cards. However, some systems also accept cash on delivery and cheques. These are the major types used now. There are other mediums of payment too. Nobody has been able to resist the attraction of

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