Van Campers Pack A Big Punch In A Small Package

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The siren's call of the great outdoors attracts millions of campers each and every year. Campgrounds across the country are filled with people looking to get out of their concrete jungles and into the fresh air and foliage that camping delivers. The accommodations that campers utilize are as varied as the homes from which they come.

Some might opt for a minimalist experience where a simple tent, campfire, and a fresh catch provide sustenance and shelter for the duration of their stay. Others like to bring all the comforts of home with them, and the easiest way to do that is with the help of an RV (recreational vehicle). The biggest RV's can have every amenity you can imagine, from satellite televisions and hot tubs to waterbeds and wet bars. But they also have a big price tag and low gas mileage, and their size can make them difficult and intimidating to drive. For those who are looking for the camper experience without the size and price tag of a full sized RV, van campers fill the void and offer an affordable and manageable option.

Van campers - known officially as Class B Motorhomes - are customized cargo vans that have been converted into a functioning camper. By raising the roof slightly, and extending the length only a few feet, what was once a normal passenger van can now house a sleeping area, room to eat and cook, and even a bathroom. The amenities alone are enough to make van campers very popular, and it is their driving characteristics and price tag that make them a welcomed option for many prospective campers.

Available in two and four-wheel drive, van campers are as simple to drive as any large passenger car or sport utility vehicle. Unlike full sized RV campers, which are difficult to drive, especially in an urban setting of heavy traffic (and forget about parallel parking!), van campers can easily maneuver through any and all conditions, from muddy back roads to Broadway. Owners of large RV's are often surprised to learn that some campgrounds and destinations are off limits to them due to their large size and massive footprint.

The larger RV's often find themselves relegated to the outskirts of the campground (or parking lot, or town!). Van campers can go anywhere a car can go, so their owners can go just about anywhere they want to go - and it does not hurt that it can easily be stored in your garage or driveway when not in use. In fact, they make a great second automobile that offers room for many passengers or cargo.

Of course, when compared to their full sized RV counterparts there is a trade off to be made, and what van campers possess in positive attributes they lack in one important element: space. But the smaller interior does not necessarily mean that a van camper is equally lacking in amenities. Kitchen, sleeping, and bathroom facilities aside, heating, air conditioning, and televisions make van campers as fun as a night at home or in a hotel.

Speaking of hotels, van campers are not just for spending time on the campground. If it is the open road you crave then a van camper can help make your cross country road trip into an affordable reality. Not only can you save a small fortune on hotel rooms, the fuel economy of a van camper can help you see the country on a shoestring budget.

If you are considering the purchase of a recreational vehicle then you owe it to yourself to investigate the available models of van campers. With their smaller size, easy driving characteristics, fuel efficiency, and nearly unlimited accessibility to roads and destination, van campers have so much to offer in such a small package.

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