Golf Putting Drill To Make More Short Putts During Your Round

by Curt Smith - Date: 2007-02-03 - Word Count: 303 Share This!

The dreaded 4 to 5 foot putt. Do you drain many of these during a round? If not, you are in need of a golf putting drill...or two to improve this. Making this distance putt can save many pars and shave strokes off your score. It's worth it to incorporate some golf putting drills into your practice sessions.

Golf Putting Drill

When it comes to drills, they can get boring real quick. The solution to that is to make them fun! Change them up, and don't do any one drill for over 10-15 minutes. This will help avoid boredom and keep you doing them to see improvement on the course where it counts.

Make sure the drill is specific to your putting weakness. If it's long putts, do more distance-type drills. If it's short putts, do more putts within 3-5 feet. Either've got to gear it to YOUR golf putting needs. You will avoid wasting a huge amount of time and effort taking this approach.

Short Putting Drill

There are many different types of short putting drills...just make sure whatever one you do, you see improvement fairly quickly. Short putts are more of a condifence and focus issue than they are an ability issue. As you stick with your drills, you're confidence and concentration will go up. You will then start making more and more of these putts...shaving a handful of strokes off your score quickly!

Consistency = Results

You've heard this a thousand times, but it is true in everything in life! If you are consistent with your putting drills...success will happen! It won't take long at all to see more short putts being made. As you make a few, you're condifence will soar...and you'll be making even more. End result is a much LOWER golf score!

Just remember...a golf putting drill can make or break your overall golf improvement!

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About The Author: Curt Smith is an avid golfer, who has spent a lot of money on golf instruction, videos, schools and more. He is passionate to help the average golfer. For more golf putting instruction information, visit his golf instruction guide site today!

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