Desirable Features for Humidifiers

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People use humidifiers to maintain the equilibrium in the environment around them in their residences or work place.  This is made possible as the device maintains the humidity levels in the atmosphere around you.

Going for the first humidifier available in the market or just picking up something that looks pretty good may not serve your purpose.  You need a real efficient humidifier that can work best at real times.  Therefore it is better for you to have a look at the features that makes good humidifiers.

Qualities that make a good humidifier

Most desirable features of quality humidifier are -

-    The presence of a humidity meter using which you will measure the humidity levels so that you can set your humidifier working levels accordingly.

-    The device should not produce too much or too little humidity maintaining a fine balance that is vital for user friendly environment.

-    The machine should be easy to handle.  If it contains a large water tank and does not necessitate regular maintenance of routine natures, the machine would be excellent to use.  It will not only be convenient but also time economic.

-    Machines creating heavy noise are undesirable for you as well as your neighbors. Normally the warm mist humidifiers make less noise.

-    Humidifiers need topping up of water at regular intervals.  Therefore an indicator showing the low water level would be extremely useful for you and you will know exactly when to top up.

-    The machine should have automatic shut off system when the tank becomes empty.  It will also be energy efficient.

-    Variable speed setting, if available in the machine helps you to set the machine for harder tasks conveniently.

-    In some models you will find extra features like purifying air, sterilization process, and dehumidification facilities.  These machines can give better results to you though not comparable to individual results produced by specialized machines.

Your purpose could make the difference

Very often it is specific purposes for which you may require the humidifier.  For example you may require the machine to maintain the humidity levels in your room only.  You will require room humidifier in such cases.  If on the other hand you require maintenance of humidity levels for the entire house, you will require house humidifier.

You can also use to best result the advanced technologies like the ultrasonic humidifier, cool mist humidifier, warm mist humidifier or even the furnace humidifier.  Each of these devices is manufactured with specific purpose and target group in view.

Portability and area based efficiency

There is also the question of portability when you wish to shift location of the humidifier from time to time. In such cases you may opt for the portable humidifier.

Similarly, for large areas the cool mist models are better suited as they are energy efficient and safer than their warm mist counterparts. On the other hand for smaller enclaves like bedrooms the warm mist humidifiers could be better suited.

You have to be careful about the burn hazards from hot water and energy consumption in their cases though the device may be good for maintaining right amount of humidity.

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Amber Smith is a leading environmental scientist in the country constantly involved in high level research and experimentation on balancing humidity levels with artificial devices like the humidifiers. She is also the teaching professor on ecology in a leading university.

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