Constant Communication Is The Key To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

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No matter the distance, effective communication is essential to survive a long distance relationship. My husband and I were apart for four years before we finally got married and live together. It was the most difficult four years of my life, living each day, wishing that one day we can just be together in the same place, at the same time zone. He was in the US, I was in the Philippines. He was saying good night to me while I was just starting my day at the office. We exchanged stories of our day through Yahoo Messenger. We woke up each other through text messages. Wherever we go, we have our cellular phone with us. on weekends, we talked through prepaid calling cards.

It was really hard. Long distance relationships entail committed effort from both parties. One cannot measure who gives more effort or more time. What is important is that both of you have the same goal: to make the long distance relationship last, no matter what.

Here are some tips that that I would like to share with you:

1. Never let a day pass without keeping in touch

Even if you don't see each other, through constant communication, you can tell each other the things that you did, you're doing or plan to do. You're not obliged to tell every single thing that you do, but both of you will feel you just want to share anything even just though words.

2. Trust each other

You will hear your friends and relative tease you to just find someone else. Long distance relationships don't work. You would not know if your partner is really honest with you. How do you know if he/she does not cheat on you? How do you know if he/she tells you everything? Well, you would not really know for sure because you don't see each other. That's why you simply trust each other. If you have constant communication, you would not have any other time for "other" things. Believe me. After work, I spent hours in the computer for emails and instant messaging. At times, I went out with my friends, but my fingers are on my cellular phone for never-ending text messages. On weekends, 30 minutes for phone and three hours for the computer. Doubts should never ever have a place in your mind, otherwise, you'll just spend hours and hours investigating each other.

3. Explore different communication options

Constant communication is your tool to survive LDR. It's expensive but you can save a lot if you just look around and see what options you have.

Today, you have so many choices - if not free, at least, you can still save a lot.

Free Instant Messaging/PC phone calls

Download Yahoo messenger, Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, AOL and a lot more. Plus, you can plug-in a web cam and talk virtually face-to-face.

Prepaid calling cards

Save on your long distance calls by using prepaid calling cards with cheap rates. You can call each other with just one push of a button through speed dialing which is now offered by online prepaid calling cards store like No more PIN and phone number to dial. This is convenient for you especially when you're on the road. You can also opt for auto-recharging, plus you can transfer the balance of your phone card to another if you wish to try another calling card with different call charges. CallingMart calling cards are accessible worldwide so you can call each other no matter where you are, anytime.

Get unlimited international calling plans

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Now, you can talk for hours and hours and just pay around $25 a month. With the Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), you just need an internet access, a regular phone unit and an unlimited calling plan with VOIP providers like You can bring VOIP anywhere in the world. For instance, if I'm in the Philippines and my boyfriend is in the US, with VOIP, I can have a US phone number and I can call him from the Philippines, anytime. Likewise, my boyfriend in the US can call me as if just making a local US call. It's a phone-to-phone call, actually, only a lot cheaper than a regular long distance call. Plus, it's unlimited and flat-rate. No more surprising monthly bills!

Good luck. And remember, you are not alone. Be patient. Stay committed.

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