Why Take A Bus Or A Coach To Improve Your Life?

by Roger Bourne - Date: 2007-08-09 - Word Count: 379 Share This!

So what is this stuff all about?

Simply, that Life Skills Coaching is about creating change and helping people to grow personally.

All of us at this time are the sum of every single decision, no matter how small, made up until this moment.

Even "not making" a decision is an absolute choice.

So every experience we have had has forced us to make a decision and in that process, we change as a consequence.

For example, two children have an alcoholic father.

Based on their individual perceptions, one will choose to be like his Dad and become an alcoholic and one will choose to be the opposite of his Dad and become totally temperate.

Personal growth and Individual change takes place whenever we face an uncomfortable situation and work out some way to deal with it.

This is the so-called "Growing Edge."

When your whole body is screaming not to do something because you are scared stiff, and you do it any way, you grow as a person.

What Life Coaching is about is to help you become aware of the choices you are making (mostly automatically out of habit) and establish the consequences if you continue.

The coach then will also encourage you to perhaps take a different path.

At no time does (or must) he take any responsibility for your decision and actions. (In fact, run a mile if you find yourself asking what to do and then doing what the coach tells you!)

The reason is that if it goes wrong, who are you going to blame?

And much worse, if it goes right, to whom are you going to give the credit?

You are responsible for the Good, and the Bad, whether you like it or not.

Sharing experiences on how you have coped with a particularly difficult situation will help and inspire others who may want to use your solution.

And in the Giving and the Receiving, both gain.

To your continued personal development.

Roger Bourne

Roger Bourne has been involved in Public Speaking, Personal Development and Coaching for more than 25 years.
His business career includes roles such as CEO and Managing Director of medium to large size companies.
Life is constant cahnge and he shows how to make the best of it.

Come visit: www.stuffaboutlifecoaching.com

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