How to Print Catalogs Without Getting into Any Trouble

by Charmaine Joy Caro - Date: 2007-01-04 - Word Count: 475 Share This!

There are many companies who sell products through catalogs. Catalogs are being used by so many marketers in the present-day society. In fact mail order catalogs are proven to fuel sales especially during the holiday season.

The catalog is where you can have a clear view of the products sold by a company. When you buy from a catalog, you can enjoy several benefits like you can free services, special discounts, and many more. It's in the catalogs that customers can have a look at the products or services offered by a certain company.

If you want to improve your marketing strategies specifically when it comes to product selling, why not avail yourself of catalogs. Catalogs might be the thing you've been waiting for.

When you print catalogs, you should consider several things that might affect the outcome of the project. Having a basic know-how on catalog printing is essential so as to avoid high setup costs and delays. Understand the factors that need to be considered to achieve a quality printed catalog. Here are some of them:

The Press The catalogs are usually printed using the web press. This press produces rolls and rolls of paper. It is ideal to use when your catalog printing project requires paper formats that are available in web format. If your project deals with catalogs that should be produced in a minimum quantity of as low as 5,000 it will be less expensive when done in a web press.

The Size A smaller size of page width can be a great advantage especially if you want to prevent high production costs. The paper is the number one factor that affects the cost of printing. In view of that it is a must to practice cost effective options when it comes to the size of the print catalogs. The ideal size of catalog is 8-3/8' x 10-7/8" with page count of up to 32.

Proper Scheduling Web presses typically run for about 24 hours a day, six to seven days a week. Remember to send the catalogs to the printer on time. If there's something wrong about your files, it is best to tell your printer ahead of time. This is to prevent further delays and to meet your projected deadline.

The Printer See to it that you choose the printer that has the best experience in producing quality catalogs. Don't base the quality of the catalog prints on their price. Before going to a printer, determine first the quantity of the catalogs that you want to print. The size and the number of pages of the catalogs are also important. The colors and how many times a certain color is used in the catalogs should also be taken into consideration.

By considering all these things, you can be sure to keep yourself away from any printing trouble.

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