Who Is My Hero

by Linda Dipman - Date: 2007-02-16 - Word Count: 768 Share This!

Bombs exploded across the night sky lighting up the world with hot fiery bursts of red. A loud sonic boom awakened the sleeping people to the reality of war.

Fear perpetrated the hearts of those who were not prepared. Horror lined the faces of those who survived the first attack. Terror overwhelmed their thoughts because it was only a matter of time and their lives would soon be over.

The Lord God Almighty looked down upon the ragging firestorm and took flight into the night air abandoning the perfection of Heaven to fight for the children He loved. God strapped on His sword of righteousness and waged a great battle against the evil serpent of the world.

The Devil incited evil people with a plan to destroy goodness from the world. Their bombs pelted every good country destroying those who fought for justice. Burning up lands and kingdoms for the sake of conquest.

The people cried out in one voice, pleads for a Savior to defeat the Devil's rampage on the earth. They shouted all in unison, the question, "Who Is My Hero? Who can save us from the anti-Christ?"

Isaiah 59: 14&15a, "Justice is driven away, and right cannot come near. Truth stumbles in the public square, and honesty finds no place there. There is so little honesty that anyone who stops doing evil finds himself the victim of crime."

The bombs threaten extinction of all human life. The murderous threats of evil explode igniting fighting on every single shore. No one is safe, cry the people. No one is able to defend his house from the ravages of war.

The people cry out all in unison, "Who Is My Hero? Who will save us from the Anti-Christ?"

Isaiah 59: 15a-18, "The Lord has seen this, and he is displeased that there is no justice. He is astonished to see that there is no one to help the oppressed. So he will use his own power to rescue them and to win the victory. He will wear justice like a coat of armor and saving power like a helmet. He will clothe himself with the strong desire to set things right and to punish and avenge the wrongs that people suffer. He will punish his enemies according to what they have done, even those who live in distant lands."

Every house was abandoned. Every church was destroyed. Every person in all the nations of the world, left to flee and find cover in caves found high in the mountains and hills.

All trembled at the sounds of battle that ragged around the countries destroying all earthly good from the world. School buses were exploding and schools were crumbling as the fighting grew more and more fierce.

All justice was ended. All courthhouses destroyed. All governments demolished from the unending bombs that threatened to fatten the world.

The people trembled and they all cried out in unison, "Who is my Hero? Who will save us from the evil serpent of this world?"

Isaiah 63: 1-5, "'Who is this coming from the city of Bozrah in Edom? Who is this so splendidly dressed in red, marching along in power and strength?'
It is the Lord, powerful to save, coming to announce his victory.
'Why is his clothing so red, like that of a man who tramples grapes to make wine?'
The Lord answers, 'I have trampled the nations like grapes, and no one came to help me. I trampled them in my anger, and their blood has stained all my clothing. I decided that the time to save my people had come; it was time to punish their enemies. I was amazed when I looked and saw that there was no one to help me. But my anger made me strong, and I won the victory myself.'"

The people rejoiced as the bombs ended and the earth took on a more glories form. The Lord most High had come down from Heaven to save them from the evil serpents power.

God's Magnificent strength filled the lands of the world once again with justice, truth and hope. Jesus ruled the countries with love. He reached down to every single person and wiped away their tears.

Families once again flourished in peace and safety. Godly children with moral convictions arise bringing joy to their parents. People lived long lives unafraid of sickness and disease.

All weapons of war were stock-piled and burned. All bombs defused. All forms of hate ended.

The people rejoiced and sang praises. All children of the earth celebrated the triumph of the Lord's mighty battle on the earth.

They all shouted in unison, "The Lord God Almighty Is My Hero!"

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