Domains, What I Do When The Catagories Don't Fit

by James F. Burns - Date: 2007-04-30 - Word Count: 634 Share This!

One of the things I have noticed in my time of doing business on the Internet, is that I can never find the right slot, or category to insert an article, or a website.

The listed categories are slightly askew, and, in my judgment, leave out some. the Internet has changed and so has language. Niche categories are growing in number, people search in different ways (irrigation, is the technical term, sprinklers is what most people call it), depending on the part of the country, their own background, localized linguistic values, and what I have come to view as, "product IQ," among many other factors.

My brick and mortar business is technically, as defined by license, "Commercial Pesticide Application", however pesticide application is a very small part of what I do, and falls under my "worst case scenario", I believe strongly in a process known as IPM, which seeks to use the safest and best available methods, keeping in mind environmental impact, pest damage, and cost effectiveness (sometimes it is cheaper to let the pest problem run it's course than to eliminate the pest, sometimes the pest damage could be so severe, that it would be financially ruinous to do this) My niche in all of this, is that I like to find the problems primary cause and eliminate that from the equation, and that is a difficult to define category. so, do I list my business under, scientific, environmental, or pest control, which means to most people, "insect control", and further, indoor insect control, when I do not practice indoor insect control, or much insect control at all.

My primary focus is on vegetation, but even if vegetative control were a category, few people outside the industry would understand it. It means, brush and vine, and weed control, once again, no category, and if it were a category to itself, it would be to narrow. Lawn and landscape companies have traditionally been the ones to handle some of these activities, but not all, and since I am not in the lawn care business, as such, this falls short. Property management, is closer to the mark, but carries with it the wrong connotation The answer, since the categories don't exist, and the linguistic variables do, I could put advertisement in several different categories, which would be expensive, and due to space, ineffective, or I can seek another path. This is what I have done.

I registered several domains, related to my activities, put short articles on each related to my my niche, part of which falls under several traditional categories, maximized my seo methods, and used them as billboards to my main web site. For instance, many of my customers, and potential customers, search for pest control, many for pest management, some for brush control, some for weed control, or weed management, some for weed control, in East Texas, some weed control in Tyler Texas, some for...., and in each of these spots, I have a billboard site. I practice IPM, and a specialized branch, which I have built up myself, with an emphasis on using planning and prevention, so I have an IPM site, and since I am inclined to provide services that use non chemical, more earth friendly, I have sights which fit into environmental and ecological categories, to reach like minded customers.

I cannot assume that the person searching on the Internet, has the same understanding that I have. They probably come to search with a unique set of values themselves, both linguistically, and otherwise.

All my sites, have more information than most standard sites have, and the information is useful to the people who read it, so the billboard sites can stand on their own.

Another advantage, is that while these sites are active, they are gaining traffic at a moderate rate, and therefore value as well.

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James Burns is a licensed pest control professional, has been a Certified Professional Turfgrass Manager for more than 16 years, has a lifetime of experience in horticulture and agriculture, and is the owner of Rational Environmental Solutions, an IPM based pest control company in East Texas. He also has many helpful gardening tips at

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