Now You Can Turn Your Photos Into Works of Art

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Where do most of our digital pictures end up? We all know that he vast majority of snapshots are burned on a CD or saved on the PC in a not so organized fashion so they are very difficult to find. Some of the are uploaded on the Internet and then erased. Very few get printed and placed into scrapbooks or photo albums and even a smaller percentage are enlarged and framed to display on the wall. The reason for this is than most of the snapshots we take are not good enough in terms of photographic quality. Those photos that are printed for scrapbooks and photo albums can be a nice memory and perfectly good in small sizes, but not good enough to put on the wall.

Fortunately, this all can be improved. The latest techniques in digital processing can improve a photo to such extent as to turn it into a picture which is worth enlarging and put on the wall to see it every day. One of the most popular methods to do this is with PhotoArt canvas printing. Here is how you do it.

Choose a photo

The first step and often the most difficult one is to pick a picture. A lot of people just can't decide which one too choose. The best way to go is pick one you like from an emotional point of view regardless of its quality. It can be a sweet photo of your children playing, a family reunion with grandparents and all the relatives or a little puppy sleeping in a chair - or whatever you want. When you have a selection of a few photos, choose one or two that are also the highest quality. The most important thing is not to be out of focus. Just about anything else can be fixed, but there's not much you can do with a fuzzy picture.

Select a company

Photoart canvas printing is not a do-it-yourself thing. To make sure you get the best results, you have to pick a high-rated company that can turn your image into a beautifully enlarged picture worth printing on canvas. Google is a good way to spot one. Pick a company which specializes in this kind of printing, not just a digital processing one. Chances are you'll be more satisfied. The companies you'll find generally have an upload page to submit your photo and will have the canvas sent right over to your house.

Make your picture tell a story

The first thing a professional photographer will do is use advanced software to remove any small problems like red-eye effect or date stamps that once the photo is enlarged would really be noticeable. An artist should then at least adjust color saturation, tones and contrast. In addition, a good artist can also correct things like facial tones, remove wrinkles and blemishes and lessen shadows without making the photo look unnatural.

The real magic

Up to now all we have is a high quality photo. Here is where magic begins. One of the most advanced and popular photo treatments available today is giving the photo the effect of an oil painting. Digital artists use a specific software to simulate brush strokes and "digitally paint" the photo. It takes a lot of talent, but the result is truly unique. Now the hard part is done and the photo is ready to print.

Printing and final touches

Photoart companies then use a giant inkjet printer to print the photo directly on a high-quality canvas. These machines can print up to 5 ft wide and weigh about 700 pounds... quite different from a home inkjet printer, but using the same principle. The ink used is made to last for over 80 years, about 4 times longer than a regular photograph. The printed canvas is sprayed with a protective overcoat so that light and water don't ruin the image. Then they use the so-called gallery wrapping technoque to stretch it over a wooden frame. This technique makes the image continue around the edges so you can hang the photo on the wall directly from the box without framing it. There you go... you now have a beautiful work of art you can use to decorate your home and brighten every day or give out as a special gift to someone.

The cost

Canvas-printed photos are actually quite affordable. 16'' X 20'', which is the most popular size, generally costs between $80 and $100. Considering that getting a traditional photo enlarged and framed can cost you more than $100, it's a real bargain. Stay away from companies with significantly lower prices - there's little chance they actually spend time to improve your photo before printing it. And make sure they have a 100% money-back guarantee.

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