Shimano Fishing Reels Available Online

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What is a fishing reel? As per the definition, the fishing reel is a devise used for deployment and retrieval of fishing line with a spool mounted on the axle.

Fishing reel are used for recreational sport like angling, which is a method of fishing by means of hook which is attached by a fishing line to a fishing rod. These fishing rods are fitted with fishing reels; these fishing reels store, retrieve and pay out the line.
There are some specialized fishing reels that are mounted on the fishing boats gunwales or transoms.

There are different types of fishing reels
1.Centrepin reel: this type of reel is mainly used for fly fishing. The fly reel requires pulling the stripping line with one hand and casting the fishing rod with the other hand. Fly reels are normally manual, single-action designs.

2.Bait casting reel: these reels are referred as 'conventional reels' in the US and 'multiplier reels' in Europe, because of their feared line retrieve, that is one turn on the handle results in multiple turns of the spool. In a bait casting reel one has to move the rod backward and then snap it forward. The thumb is used to stop the lure at the desired location.

3.Spinning (Fixed spool) reel: The most interesting thing about this kind of fishing reel is that once the fish is caught in the bait it prevents the crank handle from rotating when the fish is pulling line from the spool. You can retrieve the fishing line easily in the spool along with the fish.

The Shimano is a very well known company that manufactures the Fishing reels and has been around for more than 80 years. The Shimano fishing reels are most popular among the fishermen and outdoor professionals who need a fishing gear to succeed.
The Shimano Company was founded by Shozaburo Shimano and at present has various types of products used for fishing.

The Shimano produces five major types of fishing reels. The Conventional Shimano fishing reels are ideal for a wide variety of fish, from sail fish to huge tuna fish of 120 plus pounds. Besides this they have the baitcaster reel good for keeping a low profile for catching the undersea prey.

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