Migraine Relief Comes In Many Forms

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The National Headache Foundation says that 28 million people suffer from migraine headaches every year. For those who suffer from this debilitating and painful condition, sometimes it must seem like there are 28 million medication options as well. From the over-the-counter medications, like ibuprofen, aspirin, acetaminophen, and naproxen, to a regimen of doctor prescribed pain and prevention medications, finding migraine relief can be a confusing and expensive endeavor. And for those who wish to avoid taking medications it can be even more frustrating. However, there are other options.

There are many possible causes for migraine headaches, so it is no surprise that there are many different forms of migraine relief as well. A wise option for anyone who is combating migraine headaches is to keep track of the things they have done, eaten, and felt prior to the onset of a migraine headache. It may surprise some to learn that sometimes migraine relief does not need to come through the aid of medication; in fact, it can sometimes be found by eliminating or curbing the things that induce the headache.

Stress, lack of sleep, diet, alcohol, nicotine, and many other factors can trigger the onset of a migraine headache. By tracking your intake and exposure to these and other factors you may be able to identify the cause of your migraine headaches. However, if this strategy is unsuccessful, then there are other natural migraine relief options to explore.

Biofeedback has a demonstrated success in providing migraine relief. Biofeedback is a method by which individuals learn stress management skills to help them cope with the pain and duration of migraine headaches. The coping skills help the individual increase blood flow to the brain, and that has proven to be able to reduce the severity and duration of migraine headaches.

The ancient technique of acupuncture has provided migraine relief for some individuals as well. While it may seem hard to believe that inserting needles into your body can alleviate pain, studies indicate that acupuncture may induce the release of pain killing endorphins into the blood stream, helping the body reduce the pain of a migraine in a natural way.

Nearly all migraine sufferers are likely to endorse the pain relieving qualities of a good massage. While clinical trials studying the effectiveness of massage therapy have been inconclusive, the ability of massage therapy to reduce stress and relax the body are not disputed, and such techniques can be beneficial for some in their effort to combat the pain of migraine headaches.

Herbs are another migraine relief option that has demonstrated mixed results in clinical trials. Feverfew in particular has been the focus of clinical studies, and it has proven effective in the treatment of migraine pain, among other applications. Like herbs, aroma therapy has also provided migraine relief for some, but its effectiveness has not been validated by clinical studies. Most of the claims of migraine relief through the use of herbs or aroma therapy lie in the realm of anecdotal evidence. However, many of those anecdotes are quite convincing, so migraine sufferers who are seeking natural options may be wise to investigate them further.

Like any medical condition, people seeking migraine relief should research their options and consult their physician before starting a new pain management regimen. Armed with the facts and the help of a supportive physician, natural migraine relief is entirely possible.

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